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Does anyone have a crib mattress that they would recommend or one they would advise against? Thank you!

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    I'm looking at nature pedic organic options but haven't finished doing my research
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  • I have been reading a lot of reviews online and the experiences people have seem to vary so widely! People commenting on same mattress will say it was great and the next review will be that it creates a dip where the baby sleeps. Then the next person will say the product they were delivered wasn't the product displayed. This is probably my biggest shopping question for DD2. I got a hand-me-down for DD1 and don't remember a thing about it. :-)
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  • We have this one. It went through my daughter, and my cousins daughter has been using it for the past 18 months. We have had zero issues with it. A friend of mine also has one that she has been using for 3.5 years with her son, and she said it still looks brand new.
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  • Also, if you are looking for something a little more inexpensive, my friend has been using a $50 mattress she got from Target....for almost 4 years. She has had zero issues with it as well. 
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