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Hello! My name is Nancy and I'm new here. I took a quick look at your FAQ's and saw recommendations for some books to help me get started. My husband and I are very new to this and are have no idea where to start so I'm sure this is going to be very helpful. My question, is it necessary to buy several of the books mentioned or would one do the trick? Do you have a personal preference about which book to buy? I see Adoption for Dummies and The Complete Idiots Guide seem to be two of the most suggested. Thanks for your help!

Re: Adoption Books

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    I have not adopted, but am looking into it.  I read 'Adopting in America' by Randall Hicks (only because the recommended books here weren't available at my library).  The book was a wonderful introduction to adoption - the three types and how they each work.

    My second step was to attend conference offered by my local RESOLVE.  The information sessions at the conference helped to answer questions I had from the book as well as give me updated information on price, locations in international adoption, and realistic/current wait times.

    I imagine that reading any one (I would imagine that based on their descriptions that reading more than one would be repetitive so not very useful) of the books suggested here is a great first step, and I highly recommend a conference/seminar as a second step if you have anything near you. 

    Good luck!

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