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Any of the January 2015 babies teething yet?

My baby girl has been drooling, rubbing her eyes and cheeks, biting on her hands and me while I'm nursing, and has been pretty fussy.. Early blooming? Can't believe how fast they grow!! Teeth already??


  • Yes! Mine has been teething for a few weeks. Our first son was an early teether also.
  • My son was born January 1st. He has been teething for awhile now. You can see the whites underneath his gums. He bites while nursing too. :((
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    My little guy is doing the same thing! A few people told me there was no way he was teething this early but my MIL confirmed my suspicions this weekend when visiting (and she's had 5 kids so she knows what she's talking about!)
  • At 3 months I think my son is about to start he's starting to chew his hands a lot more and scream randomly like something is hurting him
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  • My daughter is teething. She has one tooth starting to peek out and she's been biting down sometimes when I nurse her.
  • my 12 week old daughter has been screaming randomly like she is in pain as well! a couple times a night around dinner time when i know she is fed and changed. she is also drooling a ton and chewing her hands. she seems to like the teething ring if we put it in the fridge for a little bit but it's too cold if we put it in the freezer. pediatrician said it would be early, but I think it's gotta be teething.
  • No, not yet. But my son ended up being a Feb baby.


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  • My DD had been drooling and sucking on her hands a lot the last few weeks. She will be 3 months tomorrow. DD2 started doing this around the same age and had her first teeth at 4 months.
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  • Yes! Mine was born January 6th and got his first tooth a few weeks ago! Already about to get another!
  • My girl defiantly teething. Hands are always in the mouth, drool, rubbing her face, random cries, and blister on her bottom gum. Still waiting for the tooth to break through.
  • My daughters been doing the same thing but no teeth yet I was told her teeth are just settling into her gums but she does CHOMP down on me when I'm nursing it hurts
  • My little peanut is teething too...tons of drool, and when we first noticed it she had a chin rash which was how I figured it out. Almost 3 weeks now.
  • Yes my girl was born on the 24th and has been teething for 2 weeks! Still waiting for her first tooth to break through. It's really uncomfortable when she nurses now (when I can get her to nurse...she also has really bad shiny object syndrome lol) She is extremely fussy, drooling, trying to stick everything in her mouth.
  • Thinking about trying an amber teething necklace to see if it helps with her pain. Has anyone tried these before and had any success?
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    Our daughter was born with a single tooth so teething since the womb :)
  • My son was born January 31 & he has one tooth out already. The second one is on its way! My mother said I also had teeth in my 3rd moth.
  • January 8th baby here with a tooth that has just broken the gums. He would clamp down before when he was nursing... I'm afraid now!
  • My baby started teething at 10 weeks with 4 visible teeth coming in. She hasn't been fussy about it at all.
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