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Pureed to table foods!

Hi everyone! My DS is 9 1/2 months old. He has been eating solids for 5 months now, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. I make my own pureed baby food, plus he enjoys puffs as a snack. Our peditrician recommended starting to expose DS to finger or table foods. So far, this has been disastrous! We have tried little pieces of fruit and pasta.. both of which he gladly accepts pureed. He refuses to open his mouth, refuses to pick up the food, bats away the spoon .. and more food ends up on him than in him. HELP!

Re: Pureed to table foods!

  • What if you put the food on his tray and let him feed himself? He might just play with the food for quite a while (maybe even several days or weeks) but he might need this time to explore the textures and idea of finger foods before he feels comfortable putting it in his mouth.
  • Does your baby have enough teeth to chew? I have started just making my purees a little chunkier. My LO sometimes refuses to eat it chunky though. Its all a process.
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  • I started my DS off on the puffed cereal and it has really helped with his fine motor skills and feeding himself.  Bananas that are smooshed up (not cut) are also pretty easy to grasp.  We also do pancakes in the morning with the bananas.  We've done pasta with marinara sauce cut up and I also made homemade chicken nuggets that he loved to feed himself.  Here is the nugget recipe: http://www.essentialkids.com.au/recipes/family-meals/chicken-and-cannellini-bean-nuggets-20131118-2xqus.html?postedRating=successful&assetId=4933684#makeRating

  • With BLW they do not need teeth to chew food. Their jaw is strong enough to "chew" without teeth. I seen my friends 8 months old handle steak better then an adult and not choke or gag at all. Its all about starting out with soft foods and moving forward to more advance. Just because they have teeth does not mean they are not going to choke. Adults choke all the time and we have teeth.  


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  • Also just Give little one two options and a small about at a time so Lo is not over whelmed. 


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  • Ha, ds is just the opposite. Now that he can do finger foods he will not let me feed him purees. It's a total mess and tricky to figure out a good variety of food he can feed himself. My 3 year old would love for me to feed her still, lol. Every kid is different.
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