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Keeping baby awake

I'm having such a hard time waking baby girl up to nurse. Sometimes she wakes up on her own to eat. But most of the time I need to wake her up in order for her to eat. It takes so long to wake her and then keeping her awake is just as hard. She will latch, sometimes quickly sometimes not, but she will go for a few seconds and fall back asleep. I have no idea what I can do to keep her up. Any ideas? Greatly appreciated.

Re: Keeping baby awake

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    Blow on her face, put a cold wipe under her armpit, tickle her feet, rub under her chin, rub the rooting reflux by stroking her cheek.
  • Undress her, cool water bottle on her legs or hands, change her diaper, turn on a few lights
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  • Undress and tickle lower back is what usually worked for us
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