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My story- new user

Hello everyone. I am new to this board so I thought it was first share a bit about myself. I am 28 years old and my husband is 32. We have been married for a year and a half and trying to conceive for a year. I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 15 years old and have had two laparoscopies so we knew that getting pregnant might be a challenge for us. In February 2014 I came off of being on an increased dose of Depo-Provera for 10 years to treat endometriosis. In August 2014 I still had not started menstruating yet so I started Provera and Clomid. I did three rounds of Clomid and five rounds of Femara. In January 2015 I have an HSG done which revealed a blocked right tube but the doctor was able to push through the blockage. I have follicle studies done every cycle and while I responded to and Femara by ovulating, my doctor was still concerned about only producing one or two follicles considering the stimulation treatment. She suspects that I will not ovulate on my own without stimulation. Because we still had not conceived by this past February, my husband had his first sperm analysis done. His results came back with good motility and count, but his morphology was at 0%. We were devastated. He is scheduled for a second sperm analysis next week before we see a urologist on June 23. We have been anxiously awaiting this appointment and hope to get more clarification on the issue. It is likely that we are dealing with both male and female factor infertility. We have started to tell our family and closest friends about our struggle but it is such a painful issue to discuss. I decided to join a forum seeking support from others who understand how painful infertility is. It is helpful for me to hear the stories of others whose journey to parenthood was also not what they had expected.

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    Welcome to the board, and I'm really, really sorry that you've had such a rough time of it.   We do "get it" and you've come to the right place!

    What you've been through is just not right... but is very common.  Stories like yours are why we make such a big deal of telling new members to insist on full fertility testing with an RE, including an SA before taking fertility drugs.   It's so wrong for a doctor to put you through eight rounds of fertility drugs and procedures with your chances being severely diminished because he didn't do the homework to detect your blocked tube and MFI! It makes me mad just thinking about it.

    I really hope that your urologist can come up with a plan that will make you feel much better.  In the meantime I will add you to our weekly checkin.  We're here for you.

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