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Endo and clotting question

If I have a period with heavy, large clots due to endometriosis, is there any chance that the next cycle of ovulation is any 'more fertile', like some women experience after a miscarriage? I can't help but wonder, because seeing all that tissue coming out makes me feel like surely its cleaning out some of the overgrowth(?)

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    I'm sorry but that's just not how it works.   I'm also not sure what you mean about women being 'more fertile' after a loss.  That sounds like a myth, I certainly was not more fertile afterward.

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  • I'm sorry to hear your period is so bad. I have stage two endometriosis but I have never had huge clots like that. I have also never heard of women being more fertile after having a bad period like that. I had the super bad issues that come with endo. Not every endo girl has this problem but I had elevated natural killer cells and cytokines and also a blood clotting issues. I had to suppress my immune system with prednisone, immunoglobulin and then I had to take blood thinners in order to get pregnant. I hope it's not the same for you but you should look into the testing from a real reproductive immunologist if you don't have success in the time frame you would like. Good luck .
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