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Help !!!Super congested

Ok so my 3 month old twin boy is very congested and makes it hard for him to eat he also has acid reflux :( I'm running out of solutions I have tried steam bath, saline and boogie remover thing ,cool mist humidifier , Vicks he's been congested for like a month or longer the dr said there's nothing we could do . Anybody going through this

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  • Not going through it but may try massaging his sinus to help them drain.
  • They have a nose sucker thing at walmart that is electric and it keeps sucking. I've heard good things about it.
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  • i used the nosefrida snotsucker.  it seems really gross but worked great
  • salbabe79 said:

    i used the nosefrida snotsucker.  it seems really gross but worked great

    I second that!
  • My poor baby was sick with a cold three times and I have used everything just like you then I got the nosefrida, I researched it and it has amazing reviews and is safe for baby, I have used it and it helps my little one breathe so much better it looks gross but I am so excited by seeing the mucus that goes into the tube it's only 15 bucks at babies R us or Walmart I say invest in it, it's simple and you control the auction since you are sucking the tube to get the mucus out but hang in their I know it's hard to see your little one sick
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    My little lady is congested too. She's -almost 4 months old. Doctors office told me to give her 1.25 mL of children's benedryl. It helps a little. A friend also told me to try cutting an onion and leaving it by her crib. Apparently onion draws out mucus.
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    Have you tried putting a few drops of your breast milk in his nose? I had a bit of a problem with my baby getting congested and this is what her pediatrician recommended and it worked ok.
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