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Sleep issues

My LO is 11 months. He had been sleeping real good but the last 2 weeks he has been waking up 2-3 hrs after we put him down at night! He wakes up screaming! I rock him back to sleep but it takes about an hr to get him back to sleep. Each time I lay him down he pops back up! This is so frustrating and tiresome! I need suggestions as to what could be causing this and any solutions! A couple of things; he just finished a round of antibiotics for an ear infection (the waking started after he finished it) He has had a runny and stuffy nose for quite some time, seems to get worse at night. I run a Vicks humidifier in his room. Please help.

Re: Sleep issues

  • Can you prop his mattress up? When my kiddo is super stuffy, propping up one side of the mattress usually helps him breathe better. Now that he rolls I have to go in there and reposition him occasionally but maybe that could help? Also, does he have something to snuggle? My guy has a little stuffed turtle that I can hand him and he holds until he falls asleep. He especially likes it when he is sick. Little extra comfort sometimes help. Good luck.
  • Maybe the ear infection isn't gone? Kids go through phases like this ALL the time. Even my 3 year old.


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