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I am pregnant with our 8th baby. I have tried to nurse every single one if them to no avail. I just don't produce enough, and I have big babies 8 lbs and up. With the last two, I took milk thistle and it did help a little.

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  • I and currently attempting to breastfeed my first baby who is now 16 days old. She was born premature. I have attempted every single thing possible to increase my milk supply and nothing has honestly helped. The only thing I can really say that helps is to just keep nursing and pumping nursing and pumping nursing and pumping excet. it is very stressful and time consuming but it's all that has helped me. And yet I still don't feel like my milk is where it should be....
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    I have tried Reglan which helped for a little while but then my milk went back to where it was when the prescription was out. I have also tried mother's milk tea, fenugreek, lactation cookies, eating oatmeal daily, increasing my water, exclusively pumping, and exclusively breastfeeding.
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  • If you can find your local La Leche League group and start going to meetings before you give birth you'll get lots of great information about how to up your supply. It also nice to get to know the leaders that you can call when you are having issues. Also, find out where and when you can see the hospital lactation consultant.
  • Ive bbeen reading the book "Breastfeeding Made Simple" by Mohrbacher &Kendall-Tackett. I wish I would have read it before I had my baby. It is a really helpful book.
  • I am not an expert by any means, but I am still nursing my 11 month old so I do have some experience. I personally would not use the pump until the baby is ~4 weeks old if possible, and simply put the baby to breast every time he/she acts hungry. Your baby will signal your body to make more milk much better than the pump will, and it definitely takes a lot of the stress away. I think so many women worry about how often the baby is nursing, then worry about how much they're pumping, when really the baby is making plenty of wet and dirty diapers and is growing fine. If your baby nurses ALL THE TIME at first, that is normal! It is not a sign that you have low supply.
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