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Baby hates pooping

My son is just about 3 weeks old and whenever he has to poop/is trying to poop he sounds like he's trying to push out a semi truck. He also starts crying and gets fussy. It seems to really bother him and I'm not sure if he's just a loud pooper or if maybe something might be wrong? Anyone else have a pooper like this?

Re: Baby hates pooping

  • cataa12cataa12 member
    My little one is the same way!! I looked it up and it seems to be normal. It's new to them so they are just trying to figure it out.
  • my little guy is also a loud pooper/ he turns red and everything but after its all done he's a happy boy again .. I don't remember my first son having such 'vocal' movements but I am sure its pretty normal :)

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  • They're learning to poop. It happens.

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