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Final 2 names

Big sister is Kate. Baby brother will be Henry or Charles nn Charlie. Thoughts?
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Re: Final 2 names

  • Charlie:-)
    Me: 37, DH: 38: ttc 7 years, dx: unknown
    10/11: after 2 years, saw a RE, FSH 5.4
    11/11: BFP! (surprise after thyroid & normal hsg),
    12/11: missed m/c after 7 week u/s, 1/12: D&C
    6/12 IUI#1-IUI #3: clomid = BFP!, C/P
    IVF #1(10/12) FSH 5.4, AFC: 16 long Lupron, 5R/5M/4F, all 4 made it to 5dt, 1 blast/1-8 cell transferred=BFN
    IVF #2(12/12)AFC 21, MD lupron, 4R/4M/3F, 5dt of 1 blast and 2-8cell. BFN.
    IVF#3(4/13) Natural start antagon protocol, 12R,11F. one PGS normal at day 6 transfer. BFN.
    IVF#4 (11/13) C.CRM (ODW.U normal 8/13 Still no Diagnosis) EPP/antagonist. ER 13R/7M/6F. Only 1 made it to freeze. Abnormal. Looking into options of DE, Fresh vs frozen.
    10/14 new local RE to look into what's next. CD3 FSH 4.7, AMH 0.9. Met with DE agencies and exploring options for feb/march 2015.
    Surprise natural bfp (4 days before donor is signed). Beta #1 at 9dpo: 51.8, 2nd beta: 195 (25 hours doubling) @11dpo. 3rd beta (12/15): 516 (35 hrs doubling) 4th beta(12/17): 895 (58 hours doubling) 5th beta(12/19): 2120. U/S at 5w0d(12/22): one gestational sac with yolk sac. U/S #2 (6w0d)12/29. One little bean measuring 6w0d with HR 124. 3rd u/s(1/4)7w0d: baby measuring 7w2d. HR 134. 3/30: A/S at MFM went great except for low lying placenta. Verifi results are normal! Team Blue! Please send any positive thoughts our way! EDD:8/24/2015
    Baby Will born 8/18. He's perfect.
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  • Henry! Both my dad and brothers name. It's becoming more popular now but everyone loved my brothers name growing up
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  • Charlie sounds better than Henry.
  • I love Henry!
  • Charlie!
  • Henry! I love it. That being said, I have a Charles that we call Chase. Charles is handed down in my husband's family
  • amk013amk013 member
    Can you use them both? I think Henry Charles and Charles Henry are both good names!
  • My son is Henry! Love the name! You don't hear it that often which makes it a little unique but still traditional. I think it's adorable for a little boy but also a great grown up name for a man.

    We actually considered naming him Henry Charles because Charles is my husband's middle name but ended up going with something different.
  • Great names! You can't go wrong with either one.. Maybe wait and see what he looks like when he gets here? All the best.
  • e1223e1223 member
    Both are awesome but I personally would (and am!) go with Charles
  • shjanesshjanes member
    I like Charlie. Henry really doesn't have a good nn, not like that matters. I like the post about using both names. They are both strong names
  • Love both!! Charles Henry is a family named passed down several generations in my family. So, I think both are a great choice and would use either one.
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