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I know this is my second post of the day...promise it will be the last. I am a FTM and am new to this whole pregnancy thing...not really sure what to expect. Anybody sick and has lost weight? I am a little concerned called my doctor he gave me diclegis it works some if I just don't eat but every time I eat I get sick again. Should I be concerned? Doctor said its normal especially with twins and double hormones. He said as long as I can take prenatal vitamin and fluids right now I am fine the babies will take everything from me so if anyone is suffering its my body. Other than the nausea I feel perfectly fine. I am not overly tired, sore or anything like that.

Also anybody considering wearing prenatal belly bands for support? If so what brand do you recommend? I do not need it yet seeing that I am not even showing I am 10w3d but want to go ahead in get for when I do need it. I am a radiology technologist and I am I my feet all day bending over and positioning.

Any advice for this FTM is greatly appreciated.

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  • rue:Drue:D member
    I'm 16w5d and have had mostly constant nausea since 6w. I too am on Diclegis and it's not a miracle worker for me but it has helped take the edge off. I lost a few pounds in the beginning and don't think I've gained them back yet but my doctor isn't concerned.
  • I've been on diclegis since beg of second trimester. Im 35 weeks now...your appetite will increase later in pregnancy and even if you lose weight or don't gain enough now...that will change. I gained most weight during second trimester and steadily through third. Don't worry!!
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  • Agree with PP. Didn't start gaining weight until a few weeks into second trimester and boy did I make up for the weight I hadn't gained in the 1st tri! I think taking your vitamins and drinking water and just surviving the first trimester is a significant enough accomplishment!
  • I use a support belt because I have a slight abdominal hernia and diastasis recti from my prior pregnancies.

    This is the one I have, and I like that it comes up higher.  It supports well in the lower back and holds my hernia comfortably.

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    I am 32 weeks and have only gained 10 pounds due to being sick. Babies really will take what they need from you, both of my girls are estimated at 4lb 9oz and 4lb 15oz and in 85-95th percentile! My doctor isn't worried as long as babies are growing ok... I, however, feel like crap 95% of the time!
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  • @coopmke I pray I am not sick the whole time...I am so sorry. Can you eat? If so what? I was in normal weight range before pregnancy just worry that they aren't getting proper nutrients all the time. Those are really awesome weights for the babies! I need your advice on this whole thing
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