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Having a baby @ Maxwell AFB

So from what I can tell Maxwell does not deliver babies? Unless that's included in the family clinic?

Anyone happen to give birth @ Maxwell? Is there a preferred place to go out in town?


Re: Having a baby @ Maxwell AFB

  • I had my first baby when we were down there for a 6 week training. This was over 4 years ago. I had my son at Jackson hospital off of exit 3 I think or close to that. They gave me a referral right away and set everything up for me right away off base.
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  • Oh good ... Thanks for the response!
    I'll only be about 4 months along when we get there so plenty of time! I have just never given birth anywhere other than on base so having a choice of hospitals is weird!
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  • I'm a little late in responding to this. I will be delivering at Baptist East. Getting a referral to be seen off base was easy! :) I could go to Jackson as well but chose Baptist East because my OB office is across the street from there.

  • I grew up in Montgomery. Go to Jackson not baptist.
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