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Bottle Feeding and offering Pacifier

When do you plan to start bottle feeding and offering pacifier. I'm due in about 3 weeks and wanted to know when to offer pacifier. Hubby and I just figure that will be our last option to soothe baby, but is that practical. Also, I will be taking 8 weeks of maternity leave, so I plan to start pumping around 4-5 weeks, slowly so I can see how baby adjust to bottle feeding..

What are your thoughts and plans?!?

Re: Bottle Feeding and offering Pacifier

  • I think they recommend 3 weeks for the pacifier and 6 for the bottle.

    However, my daughter is 2 weeks old and I had to break down and give her both. I pump for 1 bottle during the night and she is doing just fine. The pacifier she never really used but it works sometimes.

    So-be prepared that things may not go the way you had in mind and that its okay if you have to do things differently in order to keep your sanity :-)
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  • Honestly we started with a pacifier as soon as we got home from the hospital. Bottle was about one week when I had to go back to clinicals for school. He's never had a problem going back to breastfeeding and we haven't had to use any formula because I've been able to pump enough for when I'm gone. I think it just depends on your child and what works for you.
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  • Started the pacifier at 2 weeks and bottles at the same time. I was crazy worried about my LO not being able to latch if we introduced too soon but we needed something to soothe him and my hubby wanted to help with the feedings. I would make sure that your LO can latch and feed well before you introduce either.
  • I also went back at 8 weeks. Started pumpkin when milk came in and started bottles occasionally at two weeks. Pacifiers we tried when we got home but she never took to them anyway
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    My lo will be 3 weeks tomorrow and have yet to have either because I'm scared of him not taking back to breast
  • DD is 6.5 weeks and I'm going back to work next week (very part time though! 2.5 hrs a day, 3 days a week). I know it's recommended to wait until 6 weeks to introduce an artificial nipple but I had heard stories of babies not taking them. So I started giving her a bottle at 4 weeks, just for 1 feed a week and also started giving her a pacifier at the same time, which she sometimes likes but sometimes will start gagging.
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