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Hot Bedroom

In our house we have a ductless AC system, but we do not have a unit in Charlotte's bedroom. The past few days its been 80+degrees in NJ, so the house is starting to get hot. While the rest of the house is nice and cool, Charlotte's room does tend to get hot. The monitor says its 78-80 in there, but I've never found the monitor temp to be accurate. I would say its probably about 75ish in there. I'm concerned though what is going to happen in the middle of July when its day after day of 90+ temps. We do have a fan in there, I put it a few feet away from her crib. So far, she sleeps perfectly fine, so maybe the heat isn't bothering her?
I'm hesitant to put a window AC unit in there because both of the windows are very close to the crib. What have other mommies done in the summertime? Will just the fan be enough all summer?
I dress her in a short sleeve onsies and a sleep sack that is very thin, just like a sheet.

Re: Hot Bedroom

  • My kid's rooms are about that hot at night and in the summer it does get warmer but we only have a fan in each room. 

    During the day, I air the room out by keeping the window wide open and putting the fan in the window so that it brings air from outside, into the room. At night, DD will just wear a short sleeve onesie but we stopped using a sleep sack because it's too warm and not needed.

    If she was uncomfortable, she would wake up and let you know!

  • MmylsaMmylsa member
    My sons bedroom also gets warm and we weren't ready to turn on the AC for the entire house yet. We bought a stand up AC unit from Home Depot and turn it on to cool his room as we're getting ready for bed. It has a hose to the window so you can actually turn it away from the crib if you want. It also has a thermostat that will shut it off when it hits a desired temp.

    I think this is the model we have...however it's not the cheapest solution.
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