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Leapster/Leap pad, leap stuff...


My almost 4 year old was given a hand me down leapster that is on its last leg.  The thing has a cracked screen and she only plays the games that are already loaded onto the machine.  I was initially opposed to any screen time, but this contraption managed to see us through potty training.  It was the only thing that was able to get DD to stay on the toilet long enough!  I would like to get her a brand new leapster or leap pad for her upcoming birthday, but have no clue about the differences between all of the leap products.  Does anyone have any recs for systems they really like?  I am looking at the leapster explorer vs. a leap pad, but if anyone has an educational gaming system they really like I would like to hear about it.
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Re: Leapster/Leap pad, leap stuff...

  • We have a Leapster GS.  DS got it at about the same age as your DD.  He loves it and has plenty of educational games, but we do have to limit his time on it.  
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  • Honestly, I think the iPad mini would be the best investment. Most games are cheaper and there is a much wider variety. Plus there are games for all ages and it can truly grow with your kid. You can get kid friendly cases. You can load movies on them for car trips. E-books are cheap.
    I don't remember what system DS has but the loading time is sooo slow and the graphics sucks. He prefers my iPad, hands down.
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  • We bought the newest Leap Pad for DS last Easter. He plays with it every now and then but he really prefers playing on our Ipad. We just got a Kindle Fire HDX that I am excited tot try out both for me and DS. The Kindle tablet has a special kid setting that you can customize and makes it age appropriate as they grow and you can get a nice case to protect it. I am kind of bummed that we wasted the money on Leap Pad as PP stated the graphics and games aren't as good. 
  • Thanks everyone!
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  • I would go with some kind of tablet. We have a Kindle Fire and most of the games are free plus he can watch movies when we take car trips.

  • DD is 2.5
    She just uses my iPad and loves it!


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