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Early baby shower?

Hi :)

My mom and I are wondering about something so I thought I would take it to the message boards!

live in CA and my whole family is in the northeast where I grew up. I
also have lots of friends and family friends there that I would love to
celebrate my baby shower with. The problem is, I can't plan on flying
during my third trimester when you would traditionally have a baby
shower. Flying is something I struggled with before pregnancy (and
medicated myself in order to do), so it's certainly not something I want
to put myself through at 7 months pregnant, IF my doctor would even
allow it.

My husband and I are going back east to celebrate my
father's 70th birthday in July when I'll be five months along. My mom
really wants to do something in NY for family and friends that are
there, but that would mean having a baby shower REALLY early, and we
aren't sure if that is right. I know, who decides what's right but us?

I just wanted to get opinions from other moms to be about how they would feel having a baby shower this early.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Early baby shower?

  • Copied this from my post in another board, sorry for the weird spacing!
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  • VORVOR member
    5 months is early, but I don't feel it's "REALLY" early.
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  • I think it's fine especially considering the long distance travel. I went to a friends who was due in January and had it in the summer because her and her friends are teachers and that is when they had the time to do it properly. I thought it was a little early but I understood why so it wasn't a big deal.
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  • It's a little early, but I wouldn't side-eye it given your travel situation.  These things happen!
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  • It's a little early, yes, not I don't think it's too early. Especially since that's when circumstances dictate.
  • MWoodsideMWoodside member
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    I feel like anything before third trimester is too early.

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  • It's not too early given your situation. Don't worry about it and enjoy!
  • I am in the exact situation. Although I do feel it is earlier than I'd prefer, who am I to tell my entire family whom I haven't seen in years not to throw something for me? They are making it more into a get together/reunion/shower which I think is just fine. I will also be five months travelling from DC to Cali. The trip was planned about a year ago to visit family and it was just a coincedence that I got pregnant. I will not see any of my family and friends from California until quite some time after the baby is born. My friends on the east coast said they would like to throw somethhing within my third trimester so I think it will all work out nicely. Enjoy your family and don't worry, everything will be great!






  • I'd say its fine.  Will you know the sex by then?  In my opinion if you don't know the sex then it's too early, but that's just me.
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  • The things you need most for baby are not gender relevant.  People who never find out ahead have showers all the time!  It'll be more than fine, and enjoy!
  • I would be uncomfortable having a shower before 24 weeks (viability).
  • I'd say its fine.  Will you know the sex by then?  In my opinion if you don't know the sex then it's too early, but that's just me.

    I should be able to find out the sex by then, yes. I'm going to try and have an appointment at 18 weeks right before I go.
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