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Breastfeeding and weight

I gained 60lbs during my pregnancy. (This is my first). I lost 40lbs (now month 5) but the last 20lbs are brutal. I've been doing Weight Watchers and exercising and nothing. I'm still EBF. Everyone told me if you BF it just SLIDES RIGHT OFF. Right.

I'm super frustrated. I've done a little reading that some of the weight doesn't come off until AFTER you are done BF. Any experiences or insight? I've always been pretty small & thin (I'm only 5foot) so I'm going nuts! 

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    I'm in the same boat. I EBF as well (my first also) and also started weight watchers and began exercising again after being released from the dr. I gained around 35 and 25 came off right away but the last 10 are sticking around. I'm 3 months out now which I know isn't bad but still. It is frustrating but I keep telling myself it's fuel for her lol.
  • I struggled with my last ten but chose not to do anything about it until after my son started on solids. And then I was able to lose it fairly easily using South Beach Diet. I just think your body is in such a weird hormonal state when you're EBF, and it wants to hold onto those extra stores of body fat, so it's really not the most ideal time to try to lose weight. It does suck to feel chubby that whole first year (or however long you EBF), but I just rolled with it, didn't really feel very hot anyways because I was so tired all the time, and then really celebrayed when I fibally got skinny again! So... Patience?
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  • I lost a lot of weight (25 lbs) on the paleo diet right before becoming pregnant. Gained 30 during pregnancy, lost 15 and I'm done breastfeeding but Paleo was so hard, I don't want to go back. I'm at a comfortable weight now which is less than what I started at with my first child so I'm going with it for now.
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  • I gained more weight in my first year of breastfeeding than during my entire pregnancy! Which seemed unfair as I was so hungry all the time so I obviously needed the calories.
  • Yep 5 ft here too..I understand how much just the weight affects you emotionally and physically. Try to drink a ton of water and watch the sodium in foods. Those 2 things really helped. I also tried to make a routine of walking 3 or 4 times a week. If I couldn't walk on a planned day I did a few quick exercises to get a burn. Check out videos from blogilates on youtube. She has short easy to follow workouts
  • Bfeeding didn't help me lose weight. I'm still bfeeding my son and I'm pregnant again. Bfeeding isn't a good method of contraception either FYI ;)
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