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A beer while breastfeeding

Im a FTM and I'm dying for beer! I am not more than a social drinker but I have been craving beef since I had my LO. Is it a problem to drink a porter or stout while BF? I'm talking 1 beer everyone once in a while? Everything online is so contradicting on if you can or cannot drink I just want advice from moms who have done it before.

Re: A beer while breastfeeding

  • My lactation consultant not only says it's fine, but actually recommends having a beer to get the milk flowing. Total fine to have a beer. Rule of thumb is if you have more than two, you need to pump & dump. :)
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  • My lc said as long as you have 1hour from drink no the beer and nursing its out of your system.
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    What i was told:
    Apparently your breast milk alcohol level is the same as your blood alcohol level, so there's no point in pumping and dumping as it works its way out of your system anyway. 
    There's a free app you can get called 'feed safe' which you put your height/ weight into and when you had a drink and it estimates when it's safe to feed after drinking based on that!
  • I think it's totally fine. I've been having wine with dinner a lot and an occasional beer. My rule of thumb is if I can drive I can feed my baby. If you're that worried you could ask the doctor but I'd say go for it. Just know it hits you a lot faster after 9 months of not drinking.
  • They make test strips that you can test the alcohol level in breast milk if you're that worried. They carry them at most places breastfeeding supplies are sold.
  • Get the test strips! I'm a FTM as of 5 weeks ago and when I had my first beer again I was so paranoid even tho the doctors told me it was fine, I haven't tested dirty on the strips but a friend of mine has and they work when the alcohol level is too high in your milk. Pumping and dumping is not a bad thing either!
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    I had baby on a Wednesday and by sunday I had my "no longer pregnant meal" which was a super amazing cold cut club sandwich with a blue moon.. man did I enjoy it.. its ok to have a beer or glass of wine here and there :) not while your actually breasfeeding like having the baby on the boob but after they feed and you put them down for a nap.. really that's the best time for it so that you have a good 2 hour window before you feed again. so go ahead and get yourself a cold tall glass and enjoy and if you want more than one which is totally ok too then try pumping and having a bottle ready for when baby is hungry ..as pp mentioned they have alcohol test strips which I personally haven't used but im sure will work....Cheers!!

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  • Lurking from May... Beer has brewers yeast, which is the "magic" ingredient in those lactation cookies. Draw your own conclusions. :D
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