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Flat/short nipples

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our baby boy is three days old and struggling to latch because the lactation consultant said my nipples are too short and his tongue is not tied, but also shorter and not able to reach. She gave me suction cups to help pop them out before attempting to nurse. So far he hasn't latched and I am pumping to bottle feed him. I am wondering if when my milk comes in, my nipples will stick out more. FTM help!

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  • jwan21jwan21 member
    I have the same problem. The lactation consultant told me to massage my nipple and roll it between my fingers to get it to stick out more or to pump for a minute before feeding to help them stand out.
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  • @jwan21 I am trying the same things every few hours. I know it can take weeks to pull the tissues forward or until baby's mouth is strong enough to pull and latch. I am trying to be patient and note progress(ex. He's trying to suck instead of crying and pushing off) but it's frustrating. I feel like it will never happen. Good luck to you with your baby
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  • One of the nurses at the hospital recommended a nipple shield for a few minutes in the beginning of each feeding. It's been helping my LO latch so far.
  • As far as waiting until the milk comes in, the lactation consultant actually confirmed that it makes it harder for baby to latch because it pulls the skin tauter leaving the nipple flatter. We worked on different holds with the baby and using a manual pump for a few minutes before having the baby latch. I also wore shells for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy to pull my nipples out. Unfortunately it became super painful for baby to attempt to latch and we ended up using nipple shields. He has no problem grabbing on them and going to town. Good luck to you. It is hard and even harder to stick with it. But I am trying and I hope it goes well for you.
  • I have the same problem. I have been using nipple shields. Ever since my milk came in and I my son nursed for a week, the latching is much easier! The first week was very roug. Hang in there!
  • I have flatter/shorter nipples and I didn't breastfeed my 2 boys but this time I was sure to get lots of help from the lactation consultants. The best advice I got was 'babies breastfeed, they don't nipple feed'. It may make it harder for them to get a good latch at the beginning but they suck so hard that it will pull the nipple out, as long as the have their lips flared out and have about an inch of areola around the nipple then you are good. It has not been easy but I was so determined to breastfeed this time, there were days when I would have mini break downs but I would tell myself 'just one more day, you can do this for one more day' and here she is 6 weeks old now, exclusively breastfed, and I can now say that I have no pain no anxiety she is latching perfectly. It also helps as they get bigger because their mouthes get bigger to. Just hang in there, the 2 of you will get it, just take it day by day.
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    Thank you all for your stories and advice. We met with the consultant today again and she said it's actually our baby's personality/feeding struggles. He cries or pulls away after only a few sucks, then we switch off with a slow flow bottle of pumped milk, but the suction cups, pumping, Football hold and my milk coming in have actually made the nipple possible to latch. Taking it day by day is the best advice and each feeding feels a bit more successful. She said he's very stubborn but driven and that's a good thing! Hoping he will learn and cooperate soon :)
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