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JSYK....Zulily deals today

Today Zulily has Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags for pretty much half price!
They also have some adorable baby's first photo shoot outfits(headbands, bloomers, crocheted apparel, & more)
Happy Shopping ladies :)

Re: JSYK....Zulily deals today

  • Is there a promo code?
  • No, I've never seen Zulily have promo codes. I guess you could check Retailmenot.com every once in a while for one. But I've never seen one. Too bad
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    Thanks so much! I just bought a carryall tote:-)
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    6/12 IUI#1-IUI #3: clomid = BFP!, C/P
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  • Zulily does not have promo codes.

    A PPB boxy backpack for $99 is a great deal. You would be really lucky to find one any new one cheaper than that even if you stalked prices on Amazon for 6 months straight.

    Also I highly recommend buying one new, not second hand; PPB has a great product guarantee. They just replaced my 2-year-old bag because the zipper was broken beyond repair and I got a brand-new bag in the mail less than a week later, free of charge.

    I did see a PPB bag at TJ Max yesterday for $75 but it was the messenger bag, not the backpack (which can also be worn as a messenger bag).
  • Thanks!

    Just FYI: with shipping, bags like the Sashay Satchel are only $3 less than I saw them for at Nordstrom Rack the other day ($80) and Zulily takes for.ev.er. to ship.
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