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Tuesday Twin Check In


Twin Type (Identical/Fraternal/etc):


Appointment AW:


GTKY: Given your twin pregnancy experience, what do you wish someone warned you about/what advice would you give to the next wave of twin mamas?

Re: Tuesday Twin Check In

  • vflor87vflor87 member
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    Week/Fruits: 32 - squash

    Twin Type (Identical/Fraternal/etc): Fraternal

    Symptoms: Round ligament pain, sciatic, legs & feet go numb when I sit for a while, swollen lady bits, headaches, stronger (but still random) BH, cramping started today. Not too worried - I felt like this for 4 weeks before my son was born lol

    Appointment AW: I have an appt with my primary tmrw to see if there's anything triggering these headaches, but I have half a mind to think it's hormone related. Sometimes I get nauseous with them, but nothing has helped - always drinking water, eating, even tried extra strength Tylenol. My hormones have been crazy lately, though! My husband says he's never getting me pregnant again
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  • 33 weeks
    Fraternal, team green
    Symptoms: slight swelling in my fingers, and when I wake up in the morning my joints in my fingers are sore. Constipation which makes my tummy hurt a little.

    Appointments: weekly NST on Friday, so far they've all gone well, but the nurses keeping screwing up when they put the bands on. So I'll sit there for a half an hour and only one twin is tracking. Once they realize and fix it, I have to sit there even longer. Each NST has taken 2 hours so far.

    I wish someone would have told me that's twin pregnancy won't necessarily be a difficult pregnancy. After my first OB appointment way back when, I was crying because she spent an hour going through risks, potential problems, etc. First visit with MFM was the same. I kept expecting a terrible, painful pregnancy with horrible symptoms and premature NICU babes. I know some people do go through all this (twin OR singleton) but they made it sound like a certainty, not a possibility. I've still got 5 weeks to go, so I know things can change, BUT so far my problems and symptoms have been minimal and tolerable.
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  • jesscmvjesscmv member
    Week/Fruits: 35 weeks: coconuts

    Twin Type (Identical/Fraternal/etc): di/di girls

    Symptoms: tiredness and Braxton hicks. I also feel like these girls are going to rip out of the front of my stomach! I really do not think my belly can stretch anymore!

    Appointment AW: appointment this friday to check growth and routine with dr.

    Questions/Comments/Complaints/Concerns: I feel like I should go into labor at anytime. My Dr. said that 35 weeks is the average gestation for twins but I do not feel like I am going to have them. It's a weird feeling. I want these girls to grow grow grow! I do not want to have to leave them at the hospital in the NICU.

    GTKY: Given your twin pregnancy experience, what do you wish someone warned you about/what advice would you give to the next wave of twin mamas?

    I agree with you @423ang I have had a pretty easy twin pregnancy too. Everyone was telling me how huge I was going to get blah blah blah. It's true that every pregnancy is so different!

    I wish someone would have told me about the labor and delivery process. I had no idea I had to deliver in an OR and have an epidermal placed just in case of an emergency c section was needed. That was news to me when I was 30 weeks at our hospital tour.
  • jesscmvjesscmv member
    Have you ladies ordered any type of wrap or carrier? I ordered the moby wrap. I did some research and it seemed like a good one to use while they are small. I would love to hear if anyone else bought some thing different.
  • Week/Fruits: 31w1d butternut squash

    Twin Type (Identical/Fraternal/etc): di di girls

    Symptoms: Headaches, backaches, sore legs, slight swelling started, trouble sleeping

    Appointment AW: Had an u/s and routine check up this morning. Baby A is measuring just over 5 pounds and baby B is almost 5 and a half. They're doing great. Have my repeat c-section scheduled for first week in June. They'll let me know exact time at my next appointment.

    Questions/Comments/Complaints/Concerns: Just excited to meet my girls in about a month! Can't wait!

    GTKY: Given your twin pregnancy experience, what do you wish someone warned you about/what advice would you give to the next wave of twin mamas?

    I just wish people would keep their stupid comments to themselves. Telling me twins are going to be the hardest thing I'll ever have to experience, how huge I'll get, how much weight I'll gain, that I won't have time for my son anymore, etc. You aren't me, so you don't know how my life will be. Just shut up already.

    I have had a really rough pregnancy. Had morning sickness until 24 weeks, horrible back pain started around 20 weeks, and then the pelvic pain/pressure started about week 28. I'm ready for it to be over.

    Advice for future twin mamas: if you have few symptoms, really enjoy it! If you're like me and have a really hard time, just look at the end result. Twice the fun, twice the love, twice the blessings. The end will come and you'll forget everything you went through to bring those beautiful babies into the world. Don't listen to everything others tell you. Everyone and every pregnancy is different. Take help when you can, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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  • My current singleton pregnancy has been way more complicated than my twins. I'm Antigen E positive, low lying anterior placenta and Gestational Diabetes. Although, I was really uncomfortable with my twins, I had no complications. I was able to carry them to 38 w 1 d. I am hoping to make it full term with this little one!
  • vflor87vflor87 member
    @jjvanwagner25 I really struggled with getting my Moby on and when I finally did, my son hated it. I got an Ergobaby wrap with a newborn insert this time. It's a lot easier to put on and my son actually really enjoys being in it now
  • Week/Fruits: 33

    Twin Type (Identical/Fraternal/etc): fraternal

    Symptoms: Nothing really. I can't complain too much.

    Appointment AW: tomorrow! NST, sono, talk with doctor! Boys have been passing the NST's which is awesome.

    Questions/Comments/Complaints/Concerns: csection is scheduled for June 1st at 10:30 if I don't go sooner!! I'll be 37.2 weeks at that point! Baby A is still head down and when he hiccups I feel like he's going to come out!! Lol!
    Also, cried the other day because only 2 pairs of shorts fit me right now, so I went shopping online! So ready to be off bedrest!
  • vflor87vflor87 member
    @DolphinLover2002 I agree with you 1000% about everyone's comments! I went out for dinner with my husband last night and we were greeted by two hostesses. One asked if I'm due any day and my husband proudly said "no we're having twins" - he tells everyone everywhere we go lol. The other hostess said they don't think the restaurant has enough food to feed us! I handled it with dignity but what a comment!
  • Week: 33, Durian

    Twin Type: Fraternal Girls

    Symptoms: pelvic pain, numb legs when standing, can't get comfortable at night, shortness of breath, duck waddle, persistent nesting lol

    Appointments: Ultrasound Friday (can't wait to find out if Baby A is still breech)

    Ok I'm with everyone on the stranger comments. Why must complete strangers think it is their business if I am done having kids or not? I've also got a lot of "you're not THAT big for twins" which sounds like a compliment but I never know what to say? Thank you? I'm just tall with a long torso so I don't stick out so much but I feel like a beached whale all the time so I can't be that small...
  • Have you ladies ordered any type of wrap or carrier? I ordered the moby wrap. I did some research and it seemed like a good one to use while they are small. I would love to hear if anyone else bought some thing different.

    I'm going to get a Boba wrap. I was originally thinking Moby, but 2 people (one was my cousin and one was a lady at a boutique that's big into baby wearing stuff) suggested the Boba instead. It's a lot like Moby, but the material is more spandex, so supposedly it's easier to put on.

  • jesscmvjesscmv member
    I'll keep those in mind. I figured since the moby wrap was so reasonably priced I'd start with that. It seems like most wraps do not last long for twins and then they'll graduate to the carriers.
  • The lady at the baby wearing store said that you can use the Moby or Boba with twins for a little while, then they'll get heavy and it'll be difficult to carry them both.

    She did say that some twin moms continue to use the Moby/Boba in front with one baby and a backpack carrier with the second baby. So you might be able to use it a little longer than you're expecting.
  • Had my weekly appt today. Both boys are right on track. Baby B likes to position himself under Baby A's belly. He is going to be my trouble child! Baby A is so low head down. When he hiccups I feel like he's going to hiccup through my vag! LOL! Anyone else have a low baby?
  • jesscmvjesscmv member
    @tdotson0722 oh yeah baby A is super low and I feel the same way when she hiccups. I'm glad your appointment went well and babies are doing good :) Is B transverse then? Baby b was transverse for me until like 29 weeks and I can remeber the amount of relief I felt when she turned head down! Now as she gets bigger I have her feet in my ribs instead of her whole body lol.
  • @jjvanwagner25 Yes B is! He likes to bug his brother all the time! He has more fluid around him so hopefully he moves soon.
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