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Manchester area meetup?


Im looking for other moms/moms to be for meetups. Nothing fancy,  just looking for some people who are in a similar life stage :)

Re: Manchester area meetup?

  • I live in pittsfield nh about 10 mins from concord and 40 mins from manch... How far along are u?
  • Hi ladies. I just wanted to let you know about Nini Bambini This New Hampshire board is pretty dead, but Nini might be a great resource for you guys. I have a 6 month old and it's awesome there! They have a bunch of pregnancy groups, then lots of kid groups for after you have your LO's. I did my Labor Class there and also took a breastfeeding class. They are also a store, with a lot of cool things for baby and mom and the owner even makes essential oil mixes for all sorts of things. And to top it off, they have plenty of other services like Lactation Consultants and they well even help you apply for your breast pump from your insurance company. I hope the rest of your pregnancies go by smoothly!
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