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You know you’re a mom when...

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Everyone has that moment when it finally hits you: “Wow! I’m someone’s mom!”

We asked Bumpies to share when they had this realization, and we guarantee that you can relate. 

 When did you “know” you were a mom?

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Re: You know you’re a mom when...

  • BumpCaitlinBumpCaitlin admin
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    @tealday13 Haha, it's amazing how baby lingo becomes your own so easily! 
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  • rw3190 said:

    When you never get to use the bathroom alone

    Sounds like you have a little bathroom buddy!  :))
    MelanieBrilliant[Deleted User]simmersbabysaraevans83
  • When hearing your oldest comforting our youngest makes you proud.

    Aw, that's really sweet!!! 
    MelanieBrilliantwhites weddingsaraevans83wellthier_
  • When hearing your oldest comforting our youngest makes you proud.

    Aw, that's really sweet!!! 
    Indeed! I wonder what other moms have to share :)
  • When you tell people that you got a lot of sleep. And you only got 2 hours. LOL

    Totally faking being well-rested - one of many mommy superpowers!!
    [Deleted User]mommi2be3saraevans83
  • When you no longer mind eating a cold meal.

    I hope you're finding ways to make these cold meals delicious!!
  • Coxmama said:

    When your at work and think: I wish dd was here cause I want to cuddle and need a hug.

    If only every day could be "Bring Your DD to Work Day!!!"
  • EEB88EEB88 member
    When you see neighborhood children misbehaving and you correct them. 
  • I knew I made it as a mom when I didn't worry about body functions being on me any more!

    Haha! That's a sure sign you're officially a mom! 
  • Dreyn said:

    I knew I was a mom when I felt SUPERDUPER proud of my baby's first everything (first hand clap, first wave bye-bye, first steps, first time eating gerber foods, first night sleeping in her crib, etc....I almost cried lol) \:D/

    Yay! Your LO has already given you so much to be proud of! Here's to many more amazing "firsts!" :)
  • I loved reading all these! Im newly pregnant so I'm sure I'll know these first hand soon. So far for me I have had soon to be mommy moments of guarding my belly, waking up in the morning and realizing I have something growing in me and feeling greatful!
  • I knew I was a mom when I loved someone more than life itself and I'm loving like no other!
  • I knew I was a mom when I loved someone more than life itself and I'm loving like no other!

    Beautifully said!! Congratulations on all that love :) 
  • I knew I was a mom when I looked at my kids & instantly fell in love.  I would do anything for them & I can't imagine life without them.  Sometimes we can't believe we didn't have them sooner. :)
  • When you find rocks at the bottom of your purse that your son decided to start collecting

  • When poop and vomit no longer gross you out
  • I knew I was a mom when I started putting diapers in my purse.
    Always good to have an emergency stash!!
    annabrodskaaidens mommysaraevans83
  • When spit up in your hair, blow outs on your shirt and snot on your pant leg becomes your new norm!
    kymom2b2016mariaalvarezaidens mommysaraevans83
  • When your LO wakes you up at 5 am on a Saturday and when they're taking their morning nap, you sit on the couch and drink your coffee in silence rather then taking a nap yourself. 

  • When I could no longer stand the idea of reading a book that I know deals with a miscarriage at one point in it. Just the idea of it breaks my heart. I had started rereading it before I found out I was pregnant, and I had to shelf it because I just can't imagine getting to that part again now.
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  • The first time you realize your kid is getting ready to throw up and your realize that you've got nothing around to catch it with so you try to catch it with your hands, then instantly regret it. YUCK!
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  • what sealed it for me was when I started caring what happened to me bc I have to be there for my babies. Things scare me now that I never would have bat an eye at before.
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  • I look in all directions and find something that can be use as a toy on the fly.
  • When the NICU nurses would call me DD's Mom. It took me a few days to answer to that!
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