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Husband's birthday near due date??

My husband's birthday is August 10th and we're expecting our LO around August 16th.  It's a big one.. he's turning 30!  For my 30th in April, he planned a huge surprise party with my family (some flew in from out of state to be there).  He had been planning it since November!  I was so overwhelmed with love and it was the best birthday I could have asked for.  Now here's my dilemma: we are expecting our LO around his birthday so we can't go anywhere (I had planned to take him to Vegas originally).  We won't be able to do much because I will need to be close to home in case the baby decides to make it's arrival.  I was thinking about taking him to a forks and screens movie somewhere nearby, but that sounds so incredibly lame compared to what he did for me.  I really want to make it special for him but am completely at a loss right now!

I did already make the joke that I'm giving him the best gift ever :)  But to me, I need to be able to do something really special for him that makes it all about him!

Re: Husband's birthday near due date??

  • Talk to him! Ask him how he feels about it, and if there are any expectations.

    My Edd is 8-15. I'm 8/2. Grandpa is 8/9. Hubby is 8/19, his brother is 8/20 and sister is 8/26. We have already discussed doing a small gathering for everyone when baby permits.
  • Oh my goodness, I have no idea what I'll do for my hubby either. His birthday is the 29th, I'm due the 30th. Yikes.
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  • jemholojemholo
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    Could you plan a trip for later and give him the tickets on his bday? Even if it's several months away, it will give him something to look forward to! Maybe not Vegas if you would be bringing the baby, but a beach weekend would be fun!
  • For my loves birthday we will be going to a minor league baseball game. We are huge fans of our local team, season ticket holders for the last few years. so I'm going to call the park manager and see if I can rent the lower deck (holds like 30 people) invite some friends to join us for the game. They got beer, dogs, baseball and it's totally kid friendly so it's good for everyone. Its not a huge surprise party or trip to Vegas, but it's fun and men love live sporting events.
  • Hubby's b-day is a couple weeks after, but our anniversary is about a week before my Edd.. Haven't thought about it much! Definitely want to do something nice before baby gets here tho! Maybe a mini vacation..:)
  • Maybe surprise him sometime soon as a baby moon/ birthday surprise and take him to Vegas anyway?
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  • Just do something like a month early or surprise him with plans for a few months later like others have said. He's an adult, he should be able to handle having his surprise not right at his birthday. My husband's b-day was 2 days before my daughter's EDD (and she was born on her EDD). We just went out ahead of time. Not a big deal.

    I will say we are probably not the biggest on making sure dates line up anyway. We celebrated Easter a week late this year cause my daughter was sick on Easter, we celebrated her second Christmas a week early cause we had to be out of town for actual Christmas. A date is just a date. This year our anniversary is 5 days after the new baby's EDD. I'm sure we will just pick a weekend and celebrate early. Celebrate whenever you feel like it.
  • I would just plan a mini vaca a few months after the baby gets here. You will be able to do more stuff (not being pregnant), and you both will need a little break anyways. Just plan the trip and give him the tickets/itinerary on his birthday. It will give you both something to look forward to
  • kmbeylkmbeyl
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    My husband's bday is 3 days after my due date. He will also be turning 30 and I've already planned a surprise party for him in late June. It's two months before so he will have no idea. :)
  • Hubby's birthday is 11 days before my EDD, mine is 10 days before. Needless to say, we aren't likely to be doing anything super special this year. Your DH should understand not doing much on his actual birthday, even though I know you wanna make it super special.
  • My husbAnds bd is on the 9th of August, I'm due ten days later. I'm carrying a baby to term for his birthday! Last year I threw a surprise party with over 30 people for him. I think this year it will be dinner and a really amazing present, on top of a baby on the way! My birthday is four weeks later and I think a whole glass of wine will be my party!!
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    It won't be lame if it's something HE will love. You could do something weeks before his birthday if you're worried about being so close to EDD.
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  • I'm due August 19th and hubby's bday is the 20th. I've been instructed to go one day over lol yea babe, I'll just tell our little guy he can't come out yet, that'll work
  • bj1987bj1987
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    DH bday and MIL bday are both on August 1 I'm due 8/10-8/13 I think a nice dinner date will be plenty for him.
  • spammomspammom
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    He wont care what you plan hes getting the best gift ever his baby going to be born around his birthday !!!! Im sure he will just be over happy with that!!
  • I am hoping my husband plans a great 30th for me. I will be 30 in exactly a month.

    I would do something earlier, maybe June or early July. He will so thrilled, and you can not have pressure when the baby comes.
  • WeringWering
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    My 29th birthday was 10 days after I had my first daughter. This baby is due the day BEFORE my husband's birthday. We both agreed that, 1) We are bad at spreading birthdays throughout the year and 2) babies come first. I forewent my 30th birthday party because it was more important to me that my daughter had a 1st birthday party. And I was TOTALLY fine with it. 

    Talk to him and see if you can plan for something that will make him happy but also accommodate baby. I know that a surprise would be much more exciting, but if he's anything like my husband, he'd be angry that you're stressing yourself out over it.
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