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Nesting! How much are you taking into stock?

Happy Wednesday, Ladies!

So, I am at week 24 and I can't seem to buy enough diapers, wipes, rash cream, and linens. Anyone else with a nesting obsession at this point? My goal is to have stored away (4) boxes of newborn diapers, (5) boxes of size 1, 2, & 3 diapers, and 10 boxes of wipes by the time my LO arrives (working at the sensible pace of a box of diapers and wipes per pay period). For the second time around moms, how much did you acquire pre-baby, and how much did you actually need/use? I know I will likely receive all of these things and more at my baby shower, but being able to open my closet and see them all piled up and waiting is a glorious thing! Looking forward to reading your responses!   

Re: Nesting! How much are you taking into stock?

  • I'd be stockpiling everything if i could but it's just not financially possible XD 

    In the past i had a lot more help from my family, they would give me tonnes of stuff. I'm not getting that help this time so we're counting pennies, i'm making lists of what i think we NEED.. but haven't bought anything yet.

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    I plan on using Amazon mom and free two day delivery with no tax. Puts diapers at about 16 or 17 cents a piece delivered to my door. No stockpile. That's for pampers swaddler sensitive (STM here)
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  • Wow you are on the ball, with DS I had a couple packs of Nb and wipes but not much of a stock pile. This time around I had the best of plans - to buy a box after every check up but alas that has not happened really, I have one box of Nb.
    Oh well still 14 weeks to go!!
  • My babies fit in newborn diapers for maybe a week because they are big so I don't stock up. I buy bulk at Costco once I'm sure my baby won't react to a certain brand.
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  • I didn't purchase any beforehand. Just what was given to me at my shower, which kept us well stocked for the first month or so. Then I used and amazon for all essential supplies. Both have fast 1-2 day shipping and we purchased as needed. Usually when I was at about a half sleeve left. 

    I will tell you it felt sometimes like she flew through a diaper size and we barely used more than a couple big boxes before moving up. I did end up with some leftover in a couple sizes that we gave away. On the other hand, you can never have too many wipes. Huggies Natural Care wipes are my favorite. 

  • With my son I had several boxes of each size up to size 3. He outgrew the newborn size really fast! I also had about 8, maybe 10 boxes of wipes.
    This time around, we have 3 packs of size newborn, 2 boxes of size 1, 4 tubes of diaper rash cream, 3 bottles of baby wash/shampoo, 3 bottles of baby lotion, & 3 things of baby powder. My family has already started stocking up too, but idk how much yet because I'll get it at my shower. I've been trying to find good coupons for wipes, but no luck yet.
  • I am a FTM, but my parents had 8 and they told me that they never used more than 1 case of the smallest diapers because every baby outgrew them so fast.
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  • STM- I would not stock that much. It takes up a bunch of room and you may find that you don't need 5 boxes of a certain size. If you are trying to budget, then maybe open a separate account and put a little bit away each pay check. As for diaper cream, I don't think I needed more than 2 tubes in the first year.

  • I wouldn't stock up on too much. Some babies don't fit in newborn for long. My son didn't wear size 3 until he was 1 year old. Do you want to keep large diaper boxes around that long? Maybe just take that money and put it in a diaper $ envelope or jar. You don't want to waste your money stock piling diapers you won't use. Also I found that I didn't like the brand of diapers we had when DS was born. Different brands work for different babies. And you won't need much diaper rash cream. My DS is 2 and I still have rash cream from his baby shower and I don't even like it. I found that a different brand worked much better.
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  • I didn't stock up on diapers because you never know what kind of diapers work for your baby. I got over 30 boxes at my shower and had to give a lot away.

    Since we're having a girl were stocking up on clothes, socks PJ's, ect.

    Also, we love bought some big ticket items already.
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     Yes, nesting phase in full swing. I am also a FTM, and didn't want to be caught off guard. My stockpile consist of:

    1 small pack of newborn Pampers swaddlers (30ish count)

    3 small packs of size One Pampers swaddlers (35 count)

    4 small packs of Pampers sensitive wipes (64 count)

    (I had coupons for the a pack of pampers and receive the wipes free)

    I also have:

    4 johnson and Johnson head to toe body wash

    4 Johnson and Johnson lotion

    2 baby powders

    2 bulk boxes of Pampers swaddlers size 1( not sure of count)

    3 bulk boxes of Pampers swaddlers size 2 (168 count)

    1 bulk box of Pampers swaddlers size 3 (148 count)

    3 bulk boxes of Pampers sensitive wipes (808 count)

    my next move is to put money on a Sams Club gift card for formula....since you never know which one will agree with baby.

    I do not want to be without anything and I feel anxious if I feel ill prepared. At least with the Pampers I can exchange if he outgrows sizes since I have bought just about all of them at Sams Club.

  • Pregnant with Baby#3, I'm 27wks today and do not have any diapers purchased for this little one. I liked Pampers Swaddlers for my first two babies and my first wore newborn diapers until she was 3mo, and potty trained at 2.5yo wearing size 3.

    I use coconut oil in lieu of diaper rash cream and it works wonderfully. I had tubes and tubes of cream for my first and gave them all away.

    You will definitely use the baby wash at some point, but 4 bottles is plenty for the first 2yrs. I don't think I used baby powder for anything other than getting grease stains out of clothing.

    My obsession is cleaning and organizing the house...I feel like adding a third makes running my household like a business more necessary (ex: cleaning schedule).
  • Yikes! Four boxes of newborn diapers?!?! Is there a family history of tiny babies or are you having multiples? If not you may find that's a bit much, so I hope you can exchange them if necessary. I definitely don't have the space for all that stock piling, but I'm still not sure I would if I did. Instead, I'd probably just buy gift cards to wherever you buy diapers. One of my biggest concerns with stock piling like that would be not liking the diapers. I found that Huggies didn't work for my son so we stuck with swaddlers, but even those varied as he grew. For instance, I loved the swaddlers at first, but around size 2 I started getting blow outs again and we switched to their baby dry. Diapers will contour differently to each baby ad as baby grows.

    As your question is just about the amount, is say you'll probably go through at least 3 boxes of 1,2 and 3s. However, depending on how big your baby is, you may have the 3s for quite a while. My sons tiny and didn't fit into 3s until pampers was sending me promotional emails about size 4s (my son never got that big while in diapers). As for the wipes. I'm sure we went through at least 10 lol
  • I've been stocking up but not as much. 1 case of diapers and wipes per month at least until I find out what I'm getting from my showers. I've been getting a different size each month that way I don't have a ton of one size. I've also been stocking up on pjs and clothing items that aren't newborn (at least when I have coupons and great deals) I'm planner like you and have to be ahead of the game. Oh, and I've been stocking up on baby wash and lotion since I know we will be using that for several years. (Head to toe kind).
  • FTM and I have bought very few things yet. Got the car seat, crib, breastfeeding supplies, and a few outfits here and there. I don't plan on buying anything else until after the shower and even then I don't want to stock pile diapers. I have put money away so buying them won't be a burden but space is limited and stores are open after baby is born :) my nesting has been cleaning and reorganizing.
  • 3rd baby here. I've bought nothing except a my roo tube (for kangaroo care). I wouldn't buy any diapers, soaps, lotions, wipes, etc until you know what works for your baby. Diapers will fit differently depending on your babies shape, everything else you don't know what they might have rashes/reactions to etc. I'd buy one small thing of each to start with and see and go from there.

    As others have said, just set the money aside and then use it to buy things when you know what works for you.
  • STM and haven't bought a thing. I'm into cleaning and organizing.
  • I agree with the other ladies; its difficult to now what will work for LO. My daughter was in nb sizes for a while, but I have no idea what size this one will be. I also liked pampers swaddlers, so we'll start with those this time, but each item is a trial. She also had very sensitive skin, still does, so most soaps, lotions, and detergents were a no go.
  • I am not stock piling baby stuff but I am stocking up on other house hold items like laundry detergent, dish washer detergent, toilet paper. No way I am dragging 3 kids under 4 to the store for garbage bags.

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    I couldn't agree more that you can't really plan for what baby will like/need, and I love the suggestion of putting money aside in a diaper/formula fund! Thank you all for the suggestions, I feel more confident about my version of nesting! :)
  • Clothes. Lots and lots of clothes! Blankets, socks and stuff
  • Clothes. Lots and lots of clothes! Blankets, socks and stuff

    My advice - don't untag anything, and save your receipts.  By the time I finished having baby showers (May lurking mom), I literally have enough clothes from 0 to 12 months, and likely close to enough for 12 to 24 months for my girl.  I also received 8 beautiful hand made quilts and knitted/crocheted blankets, plus about ten boughten blankets, most of which will be donated to a teen mom program locally.  It's hard, because you want to buy some of the adorable things yourself, but there's no way you'll need the quantities people will want to give you.  :P  I ended up returning most of the things I had purchased, and my mom had purchased too.
  • My doctor recommends aquaphor over rash creams. You probably need just one or two large tubs or four regular size for the first 12-18 months. You don't need the baby kind, just regular. Diaper rash creams can actually further irritate the skin because it isn't that easy to get off, and aquaphor will protect the skin, so we use it every night, rash or not. We have only had bad diaper rash once during teething.

    As far as the diapers go, I never stocked up on them and I'm glad. My baby has been in size 5 diapers since she was 8 months old. Plus, you never know what they will like or have reactions to, so save all your receipts so you can exchange if you need to.
  • I will not be stockpiling any diapers this time. Last time we had a good amount and my son was only able to do 7th generation and pampers swaddlers sensitive because the other brands made him get bad diaper rash like huggies and luvs or leaked badly. Also my son was in newborn and size 1 diapers for a while then practically skipped over size 2 and went right to a 3 so needless to say we had to give away a lot of diapers.
    This time I am saving up more clothes etc since we are having a girl this time, and just plan to buy diapers as well need them. Amazon mom subscribe & save usually ends up being the cheapest way to go :)
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  • I had been stockpiling with coupons for years since my DH and I started trying...but unfortunately we trusted a friend of a family member to stay at our place when they needed a place to stay and they ended up taking pretty much the entire stash of diapers and wipes and such. So now we're hoping for some good stuff at the baby shower and I'm starting to watch sales and coupons again.
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  • Waiting until after our baby shower to take inventory and get what we need. With DS I got enough diapers to last about 9 months!
  • We're also waiting until after the baby shower to decide how much we'll need still. My friend who is hosting the shower saw this idea to include a note in the shower invite about a "diaper raffle" where everyone who brings a box of diapers (any size) gets a raffle ticket for the prize (gift card or something). A family member recommended doing this as well and said when she did she got enough diapers to last quite a while and that everyone thought it was fun.
  • My son didn't fit in newborn diapers even in the hospital so I would say don't buy 4 boxes of them just in case. I am stocking up on 1's and 2's though for sure.
  • Hmmm...maybe I should get something, anything ready for baby. Or not. I like to live dangerously ;)

    =)) love this
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