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Question for all RN's

How are you all travelling with work?

I'm working full time on a very busy high dependency/coronary care ward and am finding it really exhausting,, especially when doing 6 days in a row.

Keeping up with the house work and trying to meal prep is lacking. Has anyone got any tips?

Thanks heaps


Re: Question for all RN's

  • I am the same way. I work as an RN in an operating room of a level one trauma center and an exhausted by the time my shifts are over. I just let my body tell me what to do. If I'm too tired and feel like I literally can't cook or clean I don't and my husband understands lol you don't want to push yourself too much with a high stress job.
  • I would die with six in a row! I try to do 2 shifts on and then three shifts off. I rarely do three shifts in a row! My floor is way to busy for that! We care for most of the Rapid Response patients in the hospital that need more is crazy busy, cardiac PCU!
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  • Neuro ICU here and it's a two hour drive each way. I did 6 in a row last week and it put me back in the hospital. Soooo not worth it! I have HG and it's been hell trying to work, last code I ran I couldn't even do cpr because I was puking everywhere
  • I work in a crazy busy pcu. I was fortunate to be home the last 3 months because I broke my wrist. I am absolutely dreading returning to work now that I am 13 weeks Along. God give me strength. Mommies just listen to your body. Good luck
  • My biggest thing is to have enough food that I can hurry and eat when I have 30 seconds. I really like an apple at 4 am to keep me going. I honestly have no idea how I'm going to keep up in a few months. But I know it's been done before so I'll just keep pushing along.
  • Glad I'm not the only one feeling it! Thank god I'm not doing night shifts anymore, they were a killer. Hope you all take good care of yourselves as it's easy to put all the patients first.

  • I'm in my first job, I work in LTAC and have 7 pts a night. I usually go 4 hours straight when I get here before I stop. I've found it hard to grab quick snacks and I've lost weight because of it. That and my constant need to pee make work a struggle. I've also been dealing with a lot of lower back pain...any suggestions on how to deal with that?
  • I work in the trauma/surgical ICU of a level 1 trauma hospital in Houston. I work nights and have to contend with at least an hour to an hour and a half worth of traffic, too. It's so tiring! Just bring snacks in the car to stay awake. I cannot fathom working 6 12s in a row, especially while pregnant. You work 2 jobs? I meal prep on off days, then freeze it.
  • 6 days in a row!? 6 12's? You're nuts! I did 5 once and it was torture. I work in one of the largest hospitals in my state and we are always busy on my cardiac progressive floor. If I can get to housework on my days off, I do. Some days I feel so crappy I just rest and do a little work. DH has been very understanding, (as he should be). I usually don't do much of anything in between consecutive shifts, I find that I really need that time for sleep.
  • Nightshift NICU nurse here. I can't work long stretches together anymore and have started splitting my nights up so that I can recover. The housework has fallen by the wayside and we've been living off of quick and easy meals like a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store with some frozen veggies or pre made salad. We're ordering out much more than usual as well. Especially right now in the first trimester when this fatigue and sickness is terrible, survival mode kicks in and you just make due.
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  • God not 6 12's that would really kill me. We do 8.5's mostly in Australia.
  • Oh and I'm hearing you about never having ordered so much take out! I normally eat so healthy but it takes a lot of meal prep. That combined with the food aversions, I've just been leaving food choices till the last minute based on what I feel like I can stomach at any given time.
  • I pack my lunchbox full of snacks. The nausea is getting better but if I have an empty stomach it is way worse. Also smaller meals are working better for me, if I overeat I end up miserable. As for dinners my hubby usually takes care of that because I work 12's and don't get off until 8pm. Peds ICU nurse in Ohio.
  • I did 6 in a row last week so I didn't have to take vacation days to go out of town. It about killed me so I can't imagine doing it frequently! I'd be talking to my boss about that one
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    I work 8-10 hr days now in an infusion clinic but I don't know how anyone does 6 12s in a row!! My hubby and I have learned to just let the house be a little messier than we maybe used to keep it as I'm exhausted most days after working so we've just adjusted. I've also been packing my lunch box full of anything I think I could even maybe eat later as I never know what will sound good. Telling my coworkers has helped as they are way willing to help me as needed too.
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