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What's making you cry?

I have not cried throughout the whole 13 weeks of being pregnant but once yesterday came, it has been water works! Yesterday I cried because a women at the car wash offered to get change for the man behind me but for not me, when I discovered the change machine was broken. Today a woman at work who is usually not very nice looked at me the wrong way and I was in the bathroom for 20 min crying my eyes out. Once it starts it doesn't stop, I am going to be a cry baby the rest of the day it look like! What's making you cry?

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  • AMG901AMG901 member
    We had an external trainer come into work today and she was so horrible, I'd already had the training for a lone worker device but mine was faulty and I needed a refresher. I tried explaining this and she talked down to me like I was an idiot and then started raising her voice and wouldn't let me finish my sentences!!! I was either going to tell her to F off or walk out. I chose to walk out and then broke down in tears!! Nasty witch. My boss was awesome though and really understanding.
    Grrrr just angry now!!
  • I have mostly cried over happy or touching moments. Haven't really had to deal with a mean person as of late. But I have cried a lot over pain and nausea. The other day I had migraine and couldn't stop throwing up, it hurt so bad I just cried. I feel so weak, like I can't deal with being sick anymore.
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  • elbouelbou member
    My husband is making me cry lately. He is not happy about having a 4th baby, and 3 days after finding out, let me know that he "doesn't think we're working anymore" . That was almost 2 weeks ago, and still stings. I think it's a phase, and that we can work it out, but tears sneak up on me all the time. Sorry to be a bummer, ladies. I just needed to get that off my chest. :(

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  • The humane society where I'm from posted this really sweet video of one of the dogs, Chamber, that was adopted, and either was lost or abandoned that ended up back at the shelter and is finally going to a foster home after being there for two years. They had a cute little send off for him and he was so happy walking down the call, through streamers and confetti. I just started crying lol happy tears of course!
  • urby87urby87 member
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    One of our friends just came back from a military tour, and his sister made a video of his wife and toddler son greeting him at the airport.  Coming from a military family, and personally knowing the people in the video, that one got me.  Tonight I'm probably going to bawl because it's the last night of business for one of our favorite bars and we're stopping out after my husband gets off work to say goodbye.
  • I cried today on the highway bc ppl actually stopped and pulled over to let a fire truck and police car get by! Which never happens around here and it makes me so mad being a former police officer myself!
  • I cry over everything. Literally everything. Like my husband's flight got delayed til 1030pm and i was annoyed because it's past my bedtime. Then I was upset when he found a ride from a friend because i was conflicted about not being the one to pick him up but touched he found someone else to do it!
  • My fiance makes me feel very strongly about things. I feel like he can make me cry st the drop of a hat. I also feel like he's driving nuts haha. If you ask him he'd say I was nuts.
  • I normally cry over anything that would make me emotional. But I started to cry when we sang happy birthday to my 5 year old sister. I hid behind my dad lol I'm 24 - she was a whoopsie. Step mom was told she couldn't have kids and my dad proved that wrong
  • FalchasFalchas member
    Crying over really silly things...commercials...songs.  Today was the Google doodle.  It was a really cool one.
  • Escheffler34Escheffler34 member
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    Literally everything.... I cried because I love my cats and husband so much. And cried because it's my husband's birthday and he's adopted from another country and I just feel so lucky that he was brought into my life! And I cried cause he liked my present and I swore he didn't. And pretty much every time I watch TV. I think soon he's gonna stop asking what's wrong because I usually don't even have an answer hahaha
  • My boyfriend and the house we live in. 
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  • The fact we are celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary at my DH cousin's wedding (Memorial Day Weekend). We thought we could try to make the most of it and get a nice hotel on the beach to escape from family for at least a day but everything is sold out or way out of our budget. I keep thinking this is one of our last trips before the baby and my DH doesn't seem to be as upset as I am. Why his cousin moved her wedding date to our exact wedding weekend anniversay is a whole other story that makes me mad.....






  • I'm crying that my clothes don't fit, I'm crying because I'm so exhausted of being sick and throwing up. I'm crying pretty much over everything.
  • I'm mostly crying over how sick I've been... I've had some good days in the past two weeks, but I'm 14w1d and have basically not been functioning since week 6. This morning I'm feeling particularly defeated by it.
    I also cry at every video related to babies, parenting, mothers' day, etc (happy tears for those ones)
  • The crying thing is new to me this past week or so. I cried b/c I love my dogs so much; I cried when I hugged my husband b/c I love him so much; and last night I took it to a whole new level. I cried at Dance Moms. I'm still not even sure why.

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  • Just reading some of your stories brought tears to my eyes! Seriously, I need to pull it together and turn off the waterworks because I have been getting emotional over everything and I'm not usually the type that cries!
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    Alot of things. I have to share this... The other day I was eating lunch at Panda Express (rice...yum) and a man was there with his three little kids. The little boy starts talking to his sister while the dad is getting drinks, and he says "I'm gonna work on my love today". His sister seemed unamused but his dad overheard him and said "you're going to work on your love? That's very sweet buddy, how are you gonna do that?". The little boy responded right away and said "well I'm gonna share my toys with sissy, and hug her and talk to her". Oh my God it was the sweetest thing I've ever heard and I just sat by myself and cried. And now I'm doing the same thing!!
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  • FowlerlFowlerl member
    I dropped my bowl of pasta salad.
  • My mil who I've had a lot of problems with lately due to her terrible reaction to our pregnancy news offered to send my 9yr old to theater camp this summer.  It's something I'd planned to do for her, but wasn't sure I'd be able to with moving and having to save for my unpaid maternity leave.
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  • I'm so tired in the morning, so going to work causes me to become very sad and frustrated, which usually leads to tears. That's not the worst though. I am vegan and really wanted a cheese enchilada last night. The struggle brought me to tears.
  • I brought my husband and I both orange fruit pops from the kitchen, he started eating his and then I open mine only the find out it was red not orange. I proceeded to burst into tears while he looked at me like I was a crazy person!?
  • I have a TON of Slow r&b love songs that i LOVED for years. I mean, i know every adlib, every ouhh&ahh in these songs! NOW when i hear them, i try to sing along but cant because im boo-hooing thru the ENTIRE song!!! Lol i look crazy when im driving listening to my songs! People have come up to my car at the gas station to ask me if everything was okay. Lol imagjne that!
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