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twins: anyone had or having?

I'm carrying twins and want a natural vaginal birth. Anyone else give birth to twins or are pregnant with them? I'm having anxiety about the birth.

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    I have 16 month old twins. I made it to 35+6 before twin A broke his water at 2am everywhere. Mine were both breech so I had to have a c section. My OB would have let me do a vaginal delivery as long as twin A was vertex but alas, he never turned :-w I spent a lot of time leading up to the birth anxious about it but when it was go time it all happened so fast. Obviously because I had a c section, that makes it different than if you labor. My water broke at 2am and they were doing the surgery at 4am. I thought I would be more freaked out but really it was the after that was hard for me. My babies were taken to the special care nursery and my DH went with them so I was all alone on the table being sewn up and then it took several hours to take me back to see them. They were healthy, just small (4lbs11oz and 5lbs6oz).

    This time around I'm having one (a girl) and getting a doula for labor support since I never labored with them, I'm a newbie. Also even if I have a csection, your doula stays with you while you get stitched up. I just had no idea how emotional that part would be. Let me know if you have anything else you want to know from my end. Good luck mama!
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  • Wow!thanks for all the great input!:) I am 23 weeks now with identical girls. Baby A is head down as of right now, B is breech. My first labor was only 5 total hours. Dr. Told me it will be quicker this next time. Does that make it near impossible for epidural? I want natural again anyway.
  • I shouldn't assuming you don't dialate too quickly. I imagine since you're having twins, once you're in labor they'll want you to go in right away and not do too much laboring at home. I have identical twin boys! (Mo/di)
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  • I had my twins vaginally at 35 weeks+2. Twin A's water broke at 4:09 AM. She was born at 7:18 Am. The doctors broke the bag for my son (baby B) who was born breech at 7:23 AM. They tried to turn him without success. I had no pain medicine or epidural as I was already 9cm when they decided to check me. Honestly the labor and delivery was close to how I had wanted it. The hardest part was delivering in the O.R. during shift change. Doctors were afraid they would need to do an emergency csection so it was a precaution. Also, O.R. tables are incredibly small and uncomfortable and it was freezing in there!! Good luck!
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