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Appetite Increase!

When did you start to get HUNGRY in your pregnancy? I was so proud of the fact that so far I'd been able to keep my snack attack monster at bay, except the past few days I feel like it's been put into overdrive. I feel like a bottomless pit. I'm 22 weeks. Help! I really hope I won't feel like this for the next 18 weeks. Eeeek!


Re: Appetite Increase!

  • Your baby is growing at a rapid rate. It's pretty normal. There's nothing wrong with snacking more especially when there's so many healthy options out there. I'll be 24 weeks tomorrow and I've noticed my appetite increase almost a month ago.
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  • Mine started at 24 weeks (I'm currently 25w1d). I'm hungry ALL THE TIME. It's ridiculous. I ate lunch at 1:45pm today and it's 3pm now and I'm already eating again. I hope this is just a phase!
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  • amorgan71313amorgan71313 member
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    It varies week to week for me. Sometimes I'm able to eat 3 meals a day with no snacks and be fine. Other days, like today, I ate breakfast then by 10am I was starving and ate my lunch, had a big snack at 2:30 and am already hungry for dinner. I'm 26 weeks and it's been like this for a while.
  • I just hope I can always be surrounded by healthy stuff. Today I hadn't eaten anything for a few hours....between 9am-3pm, so I stopped at BK and had a BK veggie and a small onion rings with the sauce. Gah! And then I came home and had a bunch of dried mango slices?! So bizarre. I felt full for a minute and then was hungry again. Salad for dinner. Whew! Thanks for the input, ladies!
  • Some weeks I'm really hungry and feel like I could eat all day long and other weeks I'm not hungry at all.
  • Some weeks I'm really hungry and feel like I could eat all day long and other weeks I'm not hungry at all.

    Same. I also tend to get RLP the same weeks, I swear she has growth spurts

  • I just noticed this past week (I'm 23 weeks today) that I am really hungry. But of course all I want is carbs and sweets!! I typically do not have a sweet tooth, so this is weird for me. I'm just trying to watch what I eat, and I bought some fruit I can eat instead of candy!
  • GooblinGooblin member
    My problem is night time!! I'm not to hungry during the day but at night I'm a bottomless pit and want junk. I tried eating more during the day to see if that would help... It didn't ! I think it might be tiredness but I'm lucky to go to bed by 10-11pm most nights even though I feel like I could at 6pm. So I'm turning into a fatty this last week!
  • I actually get less hungry the more pregnant I get.  I feel like there isn't enough room in there to eat as much...I get full much faster.


  • Mine started a few weeks ago, I'm 26w3d now.
  • tylerytylery member
    I've always been relatively hungry and need to munch on snacks CONSTANTLY. 
    But I only recently noticed the last few days I've been DYING of hunger... It's annoying because sometimes I'm not exerting enough energy to work up such a massive appetite, lol. I'm almost 24 weeks now! Hopefully I can tame my hunger cause I agree with you, I don't want to feel this hungry for the rest of the pregnancy haha. 
  • I am 23 weeks today and I have definitely noticed an appetite increase in the last week or so. I definitely get "hangry" easier, too! LOL
  • Starving. People ask "how are you feeling?" And I just say "Hungry!" I have to eat in the middle of the night sometimes, I'm just ravenous! And even if I get a big plate I can't eat it in one sitting. So it's tiny meals All day. I'm at 10 lbs gained at 24 weeks, but afraid I'm going to grow faster now. Baby is growing!
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