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Moving by this weekend

Hey everyone. This is my first time posting on here. I guess I should tell you I'm 18, 34.5 weeks pregnant with my first, but my husband has two daughters, 3 and 5 that live with us about 70% of the time. We've been together for a little over 3 years and have raised his children together. (The mom is not great) I've mostly been a lurker on this board, lol. But I am currently in the middle of packing up my whole house. We just got a call we weren't expecting that we could move in to a rental house we've been waiting for (much larger and nicer than my mother in laws). We moved from California to Texas about 7 months ago and have been waiting for a nice rental to come up but the problem is we now have to be moved out of this house and moved into the new one by this weekend. My husband works full time so this packing is killing me. Do you mommys have any tips for making packing easier or distracting my other two girls so I can get it done? Thank you! :)

Re: Moving by this weekend

  • Oh my gosh you poor thing! We are also moving in a few weeks but I don't have any little ones running around (yet). I can't even imagine. Do you have any friends or family that could come help? Or even take the girls off your hands for a day? You need some serious support right now! Otherwise plan an all nighter with your husband and just get it all done! It would be really hard but worth it.

    Good luck! If I was in Texas I would offer to help!
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  • Whatsupmoms - 10 tips for moving while pregnant with a toddler!  I love this youtube channel btw.
  • I know when I was young and we moved my parents would make games out of packing for me and my "let's see who can get all their toys in the box first" or something like that. And we got to be in charge of holding the tape while they were preparing the boxes. Just stuff like that made it slightly more enjoyable for my brother and I.
    That was just my experience, it may not work for you. But trying to get the kids involved might help to move things along a little faster, give them each a box to fill and make a competition out of it.
    But that could also turn into a disaster and set you back further, so if that doesn't work enlist the help of friends/neighbours or a moving company. It's not cheap but it will be done efficiently.
  • I also suggest hiring movers. I used to live in Texas and there's no way I could have moved without them! Also, they tend to be more affordable in Texas than some other areas around the country. I want to say it was about $50 for 2 helpers per hour. Good luck!
  • Hire movers.  We moved when i was 26 weeks and the packing was unbearable.  We had movers for all fo the large stuff and my mom and husband packed most of the boxes.  I sat down and wrapped fragile stuff in paper as they brought it to me and that's about it.  Moving is the worst, even when you're not pregnant.  I hope that we don't move again for a very very long time.
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  • Yeah she has not been back.......
  • Everyone here has given you such good advice, I don't think you can go wrong following it!

    But I'm also confused by the age've been with your husband more than 3 yrs but he has a 3 yr old? Not trying to be rude, your intro just left me stumped.
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  • klkonwi said:

    Yeah she has not been back.......

    I wonder why...
  • At one point is it OK to make random guesses on her circumstances with the age thing? Will I get warned for that? ;)
  • ElRuby said:

    At one point is it OK to make random guesses on her circumstances with the age thing? Will I get warned for that? ;)

    Nah. Do it!
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