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spraying house for bugs

Hi everyone!
I already asked a question about is it safe to spray your home for bugs during pregnancy, and everyone agreed that it is not. I understand that it isn't safe to be around when it is being sprayed, but is it OK to leave your home and have someone else do it? Maybe leave for a few hours while it dries? Then is it OK to come back? We have a giant spider problem, but I will definitely just live in fear if it means keeping my baby and my 1 year old son safe!

Thanks for your help!

Re: spraying house for bugs

  • Maybe you should talk to your OB about it - they might have some scientific studies or know some hard facts.

    Me? I'd probably do it.

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  • I asked my OB and the exterminator. Both said it is safe for pregnancy and our 2 furry friends. We had our home sprayed last week. However, I made an appointment for the dogs' to be at the groomer and I ran errands for a couple hours. Just to be on the safe side.
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  • My husband used to work in pest control. He said its completely safe.
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    Thanks so much everyone! I will bring it up at my ob appointment next week:)
  • As I said in your other post that is pretty much what we have to do and have regularly since I was pregnant with DD (who is now 2). However, if we didn't have a major brown recluse issue when we moved in (and still see them on sticky traps every now and then), I wouldn't do it. I would just use sticky traps and deal with the icky non-poisonous ones despite being terrified of spiders. Talk to your OB, but the risks from pesticide/insecticide exposure are long-term not short-term related to your pregnancy and your other child. It is also dependent on what exactly they use, how much, etc...
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