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GBS+ From Urine Culture

I learned at my last doctor's appointment that I am Group B Strep positive. They found this in a urine culture done a few weeks before, which means that I am highly colonized and puts the baby at a higher risk of contracting it. I am currently 34 weeks and obviously very concerned. My doctor acted like it wasn't a huge concern and told me that I would receive an IV with antibiotics once admitted into the hospital at time of labor. Anyone else test positive for Group B Strep in urine? Are there any steps I can take to prevent passing it along to baby?

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  • I haven't in my urine, but my last pregnancy I did test positive for it. I just had to have the IV while I was in labor. Try not to stress about it, it's fairly common. You and baby will be just fine.
  • The IV antibiotic will wipe out not just the GBS bacteria but basically all vaginal flora. This puts you at risk for yeast infection and baby at risk for thrush. Start eating yogurt or taking acidophilus capsules now and continue until after the antibiotics- this promotes the good bacteria, and will keep yeast at bay.

    Only 1 in 4000 babies with GBS positive mothers are affected negatively, and that is when it is untreated! You will be absolutely fine with antibiotics, be thankful they found it, because it is possible for it to not be colonizing when they test you at 36 weeks or so, and then by the time you give birth it is colonizing, but they don't screen again so they wouldn't know. Scary!
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    While I totally understand why you're concerned, I think it's a really good sign that your doctor doesn't seem to be. I'm sure that if he/she felt that GBS warranted more attention, you'd get it. I also think that your question about what steps you can take to prevent passing it along to the baby is great. I don't have an answer for it, but I suggest that you ask your doctor this at your next appointment, because I'm sure that if there are steps, he/she will be able to tell you what they are. Good luck!

    ETA if you don't want to wait til your next appointment to receive an answer to this, don't hesitate to call your OB's nurse's line! That's what it's there for :) 
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  • @Serenamarr is correct. The antibiotic in labor ( you will need 2 doses) will prevent baby from contracting it. If you do not get the antibiotic for whatever reason (your labor is too quick, etc) do not panic! They will draw baby's blood to test for a lab value that would indicate infection right after baby is born.
  • I have Strep B and spoke to my doctor about it on Monday at my appointment... Because i tested positive for it back in November, they are not going to check me at 36 weeks like my practice usually does. When I get admitted to the hospital for Labor they will be giving me the antibiotic via IV.  Doctor told me not to worry about it at all that baby and my self will be 100% fine.  

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  • I was GBS positive with my first and didn't get the antibiotics since he came so quickly. They do a little extra monitoring after birth, but baby was totally fine. I second eating yogurt and probiotics after birth to help re-establish good bacteria in your system.
  • All PP are correct. Don't panic, it also may mean your doctor may give you stricter guidelines to come to the hospital (as soon as your water breaks, when your contractions are 5 minutes apart, etc) in order to start your first dose of antibiotics. It's very common and 1/3 of pregnant women are step b positive if not more! Also, if you are worried about interventions in labor, they can always run the IV antibiotics through and then disconnect your IV so that it's still in but you're not attached to anything and feel like you can't move around as much (if that's the labor you want) -- just a tip!
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  • I tested positive for this at 12 weeks.  I was given antibiotics to see if that would clear it up.  I'll be tested again at 36 weeks and if it's still present, i'll have antibiotics during delivery.  From everything i've heard it is extremely common, and nothing to be worked up about.
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