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ok lovelies, we just started the process of determining why our baby is so small for it's gestational age and I have to tell you that I am overwhelmed. Baby is 1 and 1/2 weeks behind growth wise and between the 4th and 9th percentiles on everything. My amniotic fluid was low as well. Honestly I don't know what to think. I'm supposed to have another scan in a week but I don't know what to do until then. Has anyone been through this? I'm drowning in "what ifs" over here.


  • I haven't had ant experience in this. But I am thinking about you and baby. Here's hoping that he/she is just petite.
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  • Haven't had this either but I hope you get some answers and everything is fine!
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  • My first baby was born full term at 5lbs11oz. With our daughter (second) we were diagnosed with IUGR after our 20wk scan. She was born at 39 wks weighing 5lbs. I remember being diagnosed and being completely overwhelmed. Just remember to take it one day at a time and there isn't much you can do about it besides let your doctors monitor the babies health closely. We had A LOT of extra scans to track growth and movement, as well as none stress tests. We were lucky because she stayed so active and healthy the whole time.  I had no cord flow issues or anything else either.

    I was really adamant with my doctor about wanting to keep DD in for as long as possible and also wanting to deliver naturally (no c-section) if at all able to.  My doctor respected those wishes while letting me know that was ok as long as the baby looked healthy.  They tested my placenta after delivery and everything came back normal.  They could never really figure out why she had been so small.  My doctor thinks that I probably just make small babies.  I think we were lucky because from my research, IUGR can get complicated and can be caused by a whole bunch of different things.  

    So far with this pregnancy we are looking good, but I still have to have at least two more growth ultrasounds just to check, so I am not totally in the clear yet. I think DD measured about 1.5 to 2 wks behind the whole time.  Let me know if you have any other specific questions.  


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    I'm in the same boat. At my 20 week appointment, my baby's head was in the 3rd percentile, and overall she was measuring 6 days behind. So they wanted to follow up two weeks later. I just went on Monday, 3 of the 4 measurements are less than the 10th percentile (one in the 2.something, one in the 4.something, one in 8.something). And now she is measuring 8 days behind. The doctor is putting met at risk for IUGR and is going to follow up in two weeks (well a week and a half now). She also did another blood test to check for a virus and told me to take 1 baby aspirin a night. The baby aspirin is supposed to help the placenta if it is a placenta issue. 

    My husband and I were both small kids and assumed we are going to have a small baby - but the dr. said they don't generally see that until later in the pregnancy. 

    Hope you get some good information at your next appointment. 
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    I had my 20 week and didn't see my doctor until 22, at which point she said "she's at the bottom of the growth chart so we will do another ultrasound in five weeks to make sure she hasn't fallen off the chart... Don't worry." I stupidly said ok, got home, and haven't stopped worrying. I have another two weeks before the next us. My belly is very small compared to my other preg friends and I'm really jealous of their bumps.

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  • I have not personally experienced this but my sister has. Her first baby was born at 40 weeks weighing in at 5 pounds 3 oz. he is still on the smaller side but is doing just fine. She is expecting again and the baby is measuring in the 12th percentile. She has scans every other week to check his growth. Her doctor just believes she has small babies.
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