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Previous back injuries!

I had back surgery in 2013. Instead of getting a fusion for my herniated disk, I decided just to take the problem causing the pain and be pain free. I was not expecting to get pregnant for another few years. When I did become pregnant, I knew I was going to have issues. Just not so soon!
This morning I woke up and was literally stuck in bed. Couldn't roll over, couldn't squirm out at all!

Does anyone else have the same issues? If so, what has worked for you? On a scale of 1 to 10 I'm at a 7 constantly. Last time I had muscle relaxers and painkillers. Obviously can't pop those now. But I work full time! Any suggestions??

Re: Previous back injuries!

  • I'm not in the same situation as you, I haven't had surgery, but I do have back problems. I see a chiropractor and my back has been fine during pregnancy. Have you tried that? I'm sorry you're in so match pain!
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  • kat+1kat+1 member
    I have a bad back that happen when I fell down a bunch of stairs in an ice storm. I have had to have morphine and naproxen all the time for it. I started seeing a chiropractor who was able to put me back in line and give me starches to do at home to re-aline my self at home. I also use voltaren when I feel like I need something more to help. The Pharmacist said it was safe to use.
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  • I have neck and back issues. I had neck fusion twice on jan. 2012 and didn't want to get my back fused. I'm a lot better but I am too in same boat meaning neck and back. I just do stretches , walk, prenatal yoga, get my partner to massage and apply reiki healing, bath, lay in bed and drink hot tea:) I will try the cream that the mother to be mentioned above. I totally need something. Feel better:)
  • dev85dev85 member
    I've had chronic back problems for 15 years. I have not had surgery and I am doing everything possible to avoid it. I see a pain/sports medicine Doctor of osteopathy. He and his PA do manipulation (chiropractic but with way more education on the whole body). I was also going to physical therapy, which has helped a ton, but I stopped in order to save more sessions for postpartum. My physical therapist's office also does taping, which I haven't needed yet. They use a special tape in different patterns to relieve pain. You might want to look into that.
    My own opinion (partially my nursing opinion) is that surgeons are surgeons... their solution to a problem is to cut into someone and repair the problem. That's just not what I want so I've been avoiding them. I wouldn't expect your surgeon to offer many different recommendations as to how to manage your pain.
    Good luck!
  • I'm 19 and had a spinal fusion 3 years ago. I've woke up a few times with numb legs and back and haven't been able to move. All I've ever taken to control pain is Tylenol :( no real advise for your problem but to stay calm and relaxed. I've found it to be much worse if I panic. Slowly I am able to roll out of bed but it is a good 30 minute process. Definitely no fun :(
  • Always always ask your Dr first of course. I have a similar situation so she cleared me to use my lidoderm patches and tens unit (both prescriptions from before pregnancy). Also is considering writing me a prescription for weekly massages, can't say I won't love that.
  • kjs08kjs08 member
    I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease and flat back syndrome in my lower back, have a bulging disk at L5/S1 and in my neck caused by getting rear ended in a car accident almost 8 years ago. I was told I may need surgery down the road and getting pregnant was scary as hell for me and I'm worried that my back will go back to what it was. Physical therapy and massage were temporary fixes for me (usually lasted 6-12 months before I had to start all over again), but stretching and strengthening up my core has been what's kept my pain levels around a 2/10 for the past 2 years and kept me out of physical therapy. I'd speak with your doctor about your options and go from there. Feel better. 
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