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Not seeking medical advise!

I am a ftm just turned 24 and a whim when it comes to pain. However my greatest fear ever is needles. All of the needles I've been having this entire pregnancy have not eased the fears or really worked up that I get when it's coming. I think that I am better off without the epidural, only because how tense I get could really create problems in my spine. Doc says I'll be fine.. however he clearly has never pushed anything out..
Just a topic for discussion , I cried today because I scared myself he has to come out somehow and I'm way to young and healthy to be sliced open by choice (just my opinion).
Kind of wondering will I enjoy him as soon as he comes out if I don't get the epidural or will it be with the epidural I'll be drugged up and miss the experience of him at first sight.

Re: Not seeking medical advise!

  • First (my favorite reminder), if birth was SOOO horrible, no one would have siblings. Now does that mean I want to give birth every day or even once per month? Umm, no...but I am doing it again and am not scared! You don't have to make a decision on an epi right now, you can decide in the moment. For me, I knew I wanted it before I went in and it was the BEST thing ever. The epi doesn't make you loopy at all, it just numbs your lower body so you aren't feeling the pain of the contractions (or not as much pain). I remember the second I saw my son like it was yesterday. It was amazing, and it truly makes you melt and suddenly the pain doesn't matter (my epi wore off at the end). It is scary when you don't know what to expect (or even if you read/watch movies and "know" what to expect, you still don't KNOW), but trust me, it is all worth it and you WILL get through it. Remind yourself women do this every single day.

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  • You're numb from the waist down with an epidural. It shouldn't have any impact on how you enjoy your baby. You don't have to get one though...

    Anyhow, I'm only on number two, but I think being afraid of labor is normal. Truth is, once baby's on the way, you don't have much choice besides participating :)

    Whatever you decide, it'll pale in comparison to meeting your baby for the first time. You'll be fine.
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  • Loaded question. I too HATE needles, in fact I have had teeth pulled without frezzing just to avoide the needle.

    With DS I did not have an epi. I thought I would, but when the time came they could not find a vain for an IV and baby came so fast I did not have a choice.

    My advice is to understand your options but not set your heart or mind on a specific plan and take labor and delivery as it comes.
  • I'm having a hard time following your post. But I mean I have never been afraid of needles but I get that some people are. My guess is that labor is going to be painful that a needle stick should pale in comparison. But I am FTM so I have no real life experience with this.

    The epidural does not affect your mentattion. Or it shouldn't. it is a nerve block that numbs you from the epidural space down so I don't know what you mean by being so drugged up to enjoy him.
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  • An Epidural does not mess with your cognitive functioning... It's just numbs your body!

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  • My personal experience for both of my kids' births was the same. I had an epidural with both and each time my contractions hurt so bad that I did not even feel the epidural needle. It was well worth it for me and in no way did it impair me cognitively. It's only job is to numb you from the waist down, so you are completely coherent. I have so much respect for those that have gone med free, though. You will know once deep labor starts what your body can handle.
  • I am terrified of needles. But I didn't even care at the time I was getting the epideral about the actual needle. In fact, I have no recollection of the pain of the needle. It's scary because you don't know what to expect. However, it won't last forever and you will feel like a rockstar when it's all said and done!
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  • I hate needles. Cry every time I get blood drawn and everything. I'm planning on getting an epi because I read about what they do after and plus the laboring pains. I think I'll be okay with it because I can't see the needle and as long as someone talks to me through them putting the needle in I'll be okay.
  • Meh, that needle was welcomed after two days of 7 minute apart contractions.

    Wait to see how you handle contractions. You never know as you've never experienced labor.
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    You will love your baby either way, yes.
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  • No reason to freak out about this now. Prepare for labor with no epidural but let me tell you, once you're in labor that little needle prick in your back is NOTHING compared to a contraction. It was literally the least painful part of the whole process. I labored for 24 hours before I got the epidural and almost laughed when he told me the needle would feel like a bee sting. It really didn't hurt at all.
  • I have had a birth with and without an epi.... I was terrified of needles for the first... after birth 1 without an epi, birth 2 was not happening without it :) my doctor said: you can be so tired and worn out from labor and the pain, might as well enjoy the labor :) and I did. Nice and easy 2nd birth, all I remember from my 1st was saying I can't over and over because I was in so much pain. I def respect the women who can do it without the meds, as for me, I'll take them!!
  • No one can tell you have an epidural will affect you. I have heard great stories and horror stories.

    I'm a FTM, I don't know what labor is like. But for me, being numb to the point of not being able to walk, use the restroom and get in and out of the tub, is not how I want to experience labor. I don't want a catheter, I don't want to be layed up for hours tied to a million monitors. I want the least amount of interventions because I don't want to feel like I'm in the hospital! Labor is the only life event where we take a HEALTHY woman, admit her to the hospital and intervene extensively.

    That said, I'm realistic. If I'm in labor for days and don't have the energy to push-I'll take the meds, and sleep so I can be in the moment.

    If you are interested in med free, I believe you HAVE to be prepared. I would suggest Natural Birth for The Modern Mama. Prenatal yoga helps with breathing techniques. Look in the methods that sound good to you, like the Bradley method etc.
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    I decided right from the beginning I wasn't going to have one. I don't mind needles but I have a bad back already and having a needle in there with the possible side effects of having Epi fandom pain like some of my family member was too much for me. I labourer for 36 hours went to the hospital and used the gas as my pain relief. I found a versus that really helped me " The power and intensity of my contractions cannot be stronger than me because it is me" this helped me so much. Plus I knew that this was not going to go on forever I would have my baby and the pain would go away.
    With that said there was a time where baby was in distress and they wanted to prep me for a section. I got up and started walking and stayed on my feet till it was time to push. Had I have had the Epi this would not have been possible as I would not be able to walk. I am thankful that my labour turned out the way it did.

    Just remember like pp said. You don't have to choose right now and having an Epi won't change how you connect with baby. In that moment nothing else matters, it's just to soles connecting in sight that have already connected in body and spirt.
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