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At my 24 week check up it was discovered that my cervix is funneling. My cervix is mearsuring 3.1cm, my doctor is not worried at all but I am since it took 6 years to get pregnant with these twins. Anyone else experience this? 

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  • I didn't with twins but my sister (at the same time as me but with one) did. She had a cerclage as well and all was fine and she delivered full term. You have a lot of weight and pressure on your cervix with twins. That's why bed rest is really common in the end for twin moms. I had a preterm scare where I was dilated 2 cm at 32 weeks and was put on modified bed rest. I made it to 36 weeks until twin A broke his water. Good news is that if they haven't said anything about a cerclage then it's not that bad. Watch out for any period like symptoms, that was my dead give away that something was awry. Rest and take care of those beans! It took me 5 years to get my twinnies, good luck mama!
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