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Just a reminder ladies!

on Monday, I experienced 5 contractions in 40 minutes, I talked to my doctor as they were going on, and she advised me to lay down on my left side, and drink 2 glasses of water, but if I had ONE more contraction, I was to go to L&D immediately.
I was stressing out over a marketing plan I had to present that night in my marketing class (worth 30% of my final grade!) and my group kept wanting to change things last minute.. So I was stressing over that and I apparently had forgotten to drink a lot of water. Luckily the contractions stopped, and I had my OB appointment today, and my doctor ordered a cervical measurement ultrasound as I am at risk for PTL, due to having a LEEP done. Everything checked out fine, baby is using my cervix as a footstool and kick spot, and my bladder as a punching bag, but I definitely got a reminder to drink lots of fluids and don't stress so much! I just wanted to pass that reminder on to you ladies because it can be scary!

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