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I made some changes.. and no one noticed.

So yesterday I got a haircut just before work. My hair used to go all the way down my back and now it's at my shoulders. I decided to "surprise" everyone assuming it would be instantly noticed. No one has said anything. Not even my husband. I asked if he noticed something different.. And NOTHING. I'm not upset about it.. But geez. Lol

Re: I made some changes.. and no one noticed.

  • That's life. Everyone's too busy to notice anyone else. My hubs never notices when I change my hair either.
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  • aw that sucks no one noticed! I'm sorry!
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    Men don't see these things.i would get upset when my hubby didn't notice them. one time My husband told me that if I wanted him to notice something like a cut or colour I should say to him "hey I got my hair cut what do you think. "
  • Lol It just really surprises me bc he's always claimed to have a thing for my long hair. He even made a point to tell me that he'd be upset if I ever cut more than 2 inches off. Lol now there's 7 inches missing! I'm about to just blurt it out in a minute.
  • Someone will notice it eventually, even if it's a week or two from now.  Then you get to make them feel bad for not noticing earlier by replying, "Why yes I did cut my hair, last week!"

  • But then as soon as you have mascara on your eyelid or a zit or something... BAM! "You have something on your face!" Everyone notices. -___-
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