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Pregnancy symptoms collected here (Daily Symptoms thread) - 4/29

before you post your own thread, post here! Lets you compare and contrast with all the other ladies' symptoms today.

How's everyone feeling today?

Re: Pregnancy symptoms collected here (Daily Symptoms thread) - 4/29

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  • casey06022015casey06022015
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    I hate to be a downer but TERRIBLE. I've had the worst cramps all night I thought the perks of being pregnant you wouldn't have to deal with feeling like you had your period. I have a huge presentation in my nursing research class this morning and I haven't slept a bit. I feel like my uterus is about to rip off and I'm going crazyyyyyy!!!

    @amark11 I'm sorry you've been feeling so crappy! I'm happy you were able to find some relief with the pillows!

    @chaglund good luck today, sending good vibes your way!
  • Aw, @casey06022015 thanks, and good luck and sympathies to you, too, lady!!
  • @amark11 I hope your heartburn goes away soon, that sounds terrible! @casey06022015 good luck with your presentation! Hope your cramps go away!
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  • Heartburn and a sore back kept me awake all night. I ended up sleeping in the living room, although I'm not confident changing positions helped much.


    Hope all of you ladies have a great day! :)
  • Had an awful time trying to sleep last night between acid reflux and nausea that came out of nowhere. I literally tossed and turned all night and don't feel much better this morning. I keep having DH check if I feel warm because I still don't know the symptoms of the illness I was exposed to at work and I'm afraid of getting sick and being stuck in the hospital or loosing my ability eat, further complicating my IUGR...Ugh...At least this is my last week here.
  • I have heartburn like crazy and super terrible itchiness on my lower belly! The heartburn is manageable. I take 1 Pepcid a day when I feel it coming on and it pretty much goes away. Nothing is working well enough on the itchy belly. I use a mix of palmers stretch mark massage cream and vitamin e oil every morning and night, but it's still itchy.


    I also wasn't able to sleep last night because I had such a hard time breathing

  • I've had a sinus infection the past couple of days. My hubby is out working so it's just my 5 yo, lo and me but I'm so greatful I have a independent child who asks if she could put lotion on my feet and on baby brother. My hips are killing me and I'm tired of being stared at when I wobble around the grocery store. I get it I look like a penguin lol let me wobble in piece! Hope everyone starts feeling better soon we're almost to the end!
  • @klkonwi I'm echoing the keep us posted thoughts! Wishing you and LO well
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  • klkonwi said:

    I'm trying not to be crazy about it but I haven't felt baby move this morning and he's always crazy when I wake up. Ate some sugar..... Now just waiting. All these thoughts are running through my head!!!
    And whoever said to only sleep every other day. That is correct! That's how I do it! Ha....

    That's the worst feeling! Hope he gets to moving soon! I feel like my LO has slowed down in the movement department and he freaks me out on a regular basis. The movements feel different, too. I know we're EDD twins so hopefully this is normal since we're both experiencing it. I wonder how much they're sleeping at this point?
  • @KarasTwin my high risk doctor said that their sleep patterns are usually 10-45 minutes at a time.

    @klkonwi hopefully LO is just rocking the smaller movements that aren't forceful enough for you to feel. Keep us updated!
  • I had something similar happen. She was making big flippy movements in the car the other day while I was stopped at a red light. I was just staring at my stomach because you could see her actually moving my belly. It was fascinating!! However, because I was staring at my belly, I didn't realize the light turned green and ended up getting honked at. That made me laugh like a crazy person haha.
  • Keep us updated, @klkonwi. Hopefully it's just a less active day for your LO.

    Pelvic pain/pressure isn't as prevalent today, so hopefully my body is getting used to her new dropped position! The pain is still there somewhat, but no where near as strong as it was before. Thank god. Still exhausted as a mofo though.

    Unrelated issue: I'm having a really bad hair day! My hair feels greasy and weighed down, like I didn't rinse all the conditioner out of it this morning, or there's too much product in it. Boo. Putting it up in a bun for the rest of the day. I hate bad hair days!
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  • I felt him move but only once so far. I still feel sorta freaked out. Trying to be rational though.
  • Just SO TIRED!!!!

  • @klkonwi have you tried drinking some ice cold beverages? That always gets my LO bouncing around. 

    As for symptoms I'm feeling pretty good. LO is pretty small (estimated in the 12th percentile) so I feel like I may get away with an easy last month. Well easier when it comes to being comfortable... 

    Have no appetite though, I feel like I could go all day with not eating. I make myself eat and it gives me an upset stomach. Thankful for some new medication my doc gave me because I can at least keep the food down. 

    I feel like LO have made my ribs her personal kickbox/punching bag. And have been having some pinching down below. If I sit at home I feel super tired like I could sleep all day, but if I get out of the house I tend to have more energy. Just wish the rain would go away so I could sit outside.
  • @klkonwi thinking of you! Keep us posted! My baby has super lazy days and I know how stressful it is, especially to us anxious gals.

    I am still feeling generally overwhelmed but we had a class Monday and I learned so much, I instantly felt my anxiety fading a bit. Another one tonight, so I'm excited! I hope all this "education" will help me relax tomorrow at my appointment and I'll have a low BP read! If not, 3 more weeks of baking for baby!

    How are all my fellow GH/PIH ladies doing?
  • Yep. I'm officially the person/patient that I've made fun of in the past for worrying so much about fetal movement. I want to go in...... But I probably should just wait......
  • @devyns2nd I feel the same way And worry about all of your guys' symptoms!!!!!!
  • @klkonwi go in! Better now to your doctors office than having to call after hours and feel like you're making them "busy" by going to L&B. It's been hours since you posted about this, PLEASE CALL!!!! I jostle baby when I haven't felt it in awhile just to get some activity. I'm sure you've tried it.
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  • You can also try the flashlight method! Dim the lights close the curtains and shine a light (I used my phone) on your belly. It was wild when I did it because my baby immediately moved away from the light. It relaxes me to know he was still in there
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