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Newborn Sleeping


We just had our first baby on April 16 and it's been amazing, but she only seems to be able to sleep directly on me or my husband. Every time we move her to her basinet, she becomes inconsolable. I've heard this can be a really bad habit and was wondering how we should break this smoothly!? 

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  • Thanks so much for all the answers! It sounds like baiting with the body and switching to the bassinet is the way to go. Love warming the bassinet with a heating pad. 

    We will try everything and hopefully make the transition!
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  • Please be careful when heating a crib. It is easy for baby to over heat. You shouldn't leave anything in the crib that is radiating heat. Having it a little warm for LO to make transition is enough.

    When baby is lying on you, even though it feels cozy and toasty, the two bodies are constantly responding to each other to regulate temperature.

    Perfectly safe has a "crib warmer" that is similar to an emergency blanket, and reflects your own body heat back at you (it doesn't actually warm the crib). Haven't used it, but it seems safer than heating crib.
  • Thank you for posting this question. Same issue here. Our little boy was born 4/17. Loves our arms. Hates bassinet. I will try warming it a bit tonight, like the other moms mentioned, as well as a swaddle.
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