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1 boob pumping more than the other

My right boob pumps out anywhere from 1/2 to 1 oz more than my left. I'm worried my left may be drying up. Anyone else dealing with this? How do I get them equal again?

Re: 1 boob pumping more than the other

  • I have breastfed 3 kids and one side has always produced more than the other. I think it is pretty common for one side to produce more milk than the other side. If you are worried, you could power pump on that side or after a feeding just pump more on that side. If you are producing enough to feed your baby and continue to produce milk, I wouldn't be worried.
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  • Sometimes my left boob pumps out 5 oz more than the right. I call it powerboob, though partly I think that the difference is exacerbated by the fact that my right nipple is much smaller than my left and the pump doesn't work as well on that side as a consequence.
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  • My left produces nearly double what my right produces. The right nipple is smaller, too. I use different size shields to accommodate. It's perfectly normal for them to be different.
  • I read somewhere that the right boob usually produces more than left. My right boob pumps a lot more than my left.
  • It's very normal both my sister and I are breastfeeding and our right boob always produces more than our left we call it the lazy boob lol nothing to worry about
  • Thanks everyone! I feel much better now.
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