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I hate these hospitals

I am stationed at Fort Carson and have been going to Evans. They referred me to the maternal fetal unit at Memorial because of some abnormal blood work. At Memorial I was told that I have abnormal blood flow to both sides of my placenta which increases my chances of pre-eclampsia, a preemie, still birth, and lots of other lovely things. She told me to take some aspirin, but she didn't know what treatment I could/couldn't have because I am in the army. Evans now doesn't want to treat me because I went to Memorial, but Memorial says they can't give me much assistance either. I have no idea what to do, what's good for the baby, what I shouldn't be doing and I'm just worried and confused and pissed off.... Any advice on how to handle military/civilian hospitals? Or what to do about this? Sorry for the long rant.... I think I'm done.

Re: I hate these hospitals

  • Is there a specific reason Memorial can't give you much assistance?  

    Basically to get around it, if Memorial can't help you because you need to see a different specialist than what they offer, your pcm needs to find the type specialist you need and put a referral in to tri-care for it.  Once that's done, you can go to the specialist as you need.  Everything during pregnancy, that is deemed "medically necessary" is covered at 100%, even specialists and special treatments.  

    If memorial is saying they can't help you because they are unfamiliar with what is/isn't covered b/c they aren't typically a tri-care provider, that's nothing unusual with highly specialized drs.  There will be someone in the billing dept that is familiar and will be able to help you get through the process so you can continue to be seen there.... as long as your pcm filed the referral paperwork properly to begin with.  You may need to have your pcm switched to the high risk drs for the duration of your pregnancy, but it is covered at 100% even if they aren't "in network". 

    I can help you more once I know a little more of your situation ;)
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