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My son just turned a year old over the weekend.  I am concerned because he's not saying any words other than "ma-ma" and "da-da" and I'm not totally convinced he is actually using those words to refer to myself and his dad.  Everything I read says that he should have at least one other word that he can say!  I hope I'm just overreacting but I'm feeling anxious about his well visit and hearing the doctor possibly express concern.  Does anyone else have any insight? 

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  • 12 months is still pretty young and I would worry too much just yet. Wait and see what your Pedi says but give it a little time and in the mean time just continue to read to him as much as possible as well as point out things everywhere you go so he is absorbing everything. I just talk to my DD about everything we see... "See the black truck? The Blue Sky? the green tree? the airplane? The red ball?... they take it all in. I bet you one day soon he is just going to have a word explosion ;)
  • My daughter just started talking, she is 15 months. We went from saying nothing to perhaps 2 dozen words in a week. And she's pronouncing things fairly clearly. We were super nervous as well but Dr said her other milestones were being hit so its OK and normal! Also you can do something like call his name while he's turned from you or when u first enter a room to see if he's hearing things
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  • Our pedi. was slightly concerned at 12 months because we were in the same boat but said wait till 15 month appt to be worried. Now he says "hey" and "bye" every once in a while so I guess we are off the hook for now (he's 16 months old). Another thing the dr was interested in was following commands "bring mama the ball" My son does not do that but he does turn if I call his name and plays peekaboo so she was ok about that.
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  • Totally normal. My three were talking and walking at different times.
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  • I had early walkers (9mo), late talkers (2yr!!!!!!). My 3.5 year old speaks well now and I expect the same of my 1.5 year old - when he starts talking... er, in a year or so. My mom said I was an early walker, late talker and my DH doesn't talk much still (at 40-some), so my instinct is that it is normal for our kids. My DD didn't say but a few words by her 2nd birthday(!). Luckily the Pedi's appt was a week later because by then she's had a word explosion. From 5 to 50 in two days. All in good time here.

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    My LO just learned "clock"....but says "cock".... and now everything is "cock"....  X_X

    My DD was a later crawler.. most likely will be a late walker too.. but started saying words earlier.. I think just give it time and like above said just continue talking to her and point to things and saying them in 1-2 words. Red ball, fan, table... they'll get it!
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  • My LO is 14.5 months and doesn't talk yet. My Doctor said not to be worried until 18 months.  Like someone said previously, it will probably be a word explosion later on.  I can tell he understands most and he does pay attention to what we say.  I am not worried, every kid is different.
  • Our pediatrician made a comment in passing that in the first year they look for physical development and development of motor skills and in the second year they look for more speech development. Even if he isn't talking or saying many words, is he responding to what you are saying? If you ask him to pick up a ball, will he do it? Look for signs that he is understanding language, it might just take some time for him to verbalize things. As previous posters mentioned, they do things at their own pace.
  • My 19 month old's receptive language is great but get expressive language is minimal. So basically not talking much but listens well. She uses expression to communicate like pulling me to where she wants me to go. Doctor was not concerned about her lack of speech. If she is still not talking by 2 then I'll have to get her evaluated for speech delays.
  • 12 months is WAY too young to even be worrying about this but I understand where you are coming from. I used to worry when my first child was younger too but looking back now I realize what a waste of time it was.

    Stop reading and listen to your Pedi at the next check up.


  • I was worried at my daughter's 15 month appointment when the nurse asked if she could say 5-10 words because she couldn't. When I asked the doctor if we should be concerned she said no because our daughter can clearly understand what we're saying, she is also signing a number of words, and is pointing at objects. She did say that she would like her to have a couple of words come 18 months.

    She is now 16 months old and can say "bye". She also tries to say other words such as milk, bib, bath, etc., but is typically only getting out the beginning sound of each of these words. We are constantly labeling objects for her, and encouraging her to talk more...but I feel like there's only so much we can do.
  • My DS is 12 months and he signs a few words (more, light, fan, up) and says just one word (dad).  I keep thinking he should be saying more, but he's on his own timeline.  He's walking all the time holding onto a finger, but never alone yet.
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    Agree with what everyone said above. There is still plenty of time before you should be concerned. Boys tend to,take a little longer too. Ds is 20 months and just starting to say new words.
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  • Don't stress!!  My son just turned 14 months and he was doing the same thing at 12 months and my pedi said she wasn't worried about a thing because as long as he's babbling sounds that are coherent (mine was going ma-ma-ma-ma-ma, da-da-da-da-da-da and other stuff like voo-voo-voo) then that means they're picking stuff up and also if he turns towards you when you call his name, if he turns his attention to someone entering the room, if he shares and plays with you, those all matter. AND if he's meeting all milestones... I was an early walker at 9 months and didn't start talking till about 16/17 months and when I did it was clear and in phrases my mom said.  He's starting to kind of pick up words now, we think haha... but nothing clearly audible that someone else might be like "oh he said....." it'll come!  Also, friends of mine said that some of their lil ones had word explosions at like 16/17 months!
  • Hi guys
    What do you guys recommend for my baby to start talking? Any applications for early stimulation I could use? 
  • Hi guys
    What do you guys recommend for my baby to start talking? Any applications for early stimulation I could use? 
    Books! reading to them is the best. at least in my opinion. and not using to much baby talk, my ds is 11.5 months right now and has momma and dadda down he says geegee for his binki and nanas for when he is hungry (he loves bananas so all food to him is "nanas") I constantly ask him to use his words when he is fussing to encourage him to try and talk more to let me know what he wants and when he does I make sure to do what he is asking to solidify that that is what he is asking for. When I point out objects I ask him to say them. I don't get much in responses yet but its about establishing the need for him to use words and giving him opportunities to learn new ones. but each kid is different I do these things cause that's what he has shown me works for him. ever sense he was 6 weeks old he loved mimicking our sounds. so it just comes natural for me to have him try and mimic what I say when we read or are talking about something around him.

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