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I love my husband (SO) because...

he reminds me "I'm creating a human" when I get tired (and feel guilty) and need to lay down at 3 in the afternoon.
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Re: I love my husband (SO) because...

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  • He doesn't judge my bean burrito obsession
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  • My husband doesn't care about my appearance, or what the house looks like, or if we have cereal for dinner. As long as my daughter is happy and healthy and I'm doing the best I can to have a healthy pregnancy, he's fine with anything. I love not feeling like I have to wear make up or get dressed up...or even shave. There's no pressure for anything and it makes me happy.
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  • Because my bum is getting huge and jiggly and he loves it (probably even more than before).  :P
  • He said yes to moving into a new apartment because I thought the current one smelled and was making me sick. We needed a bigger one anyway for when the grandma's visit.
  • He puts up w/ me not cleaning or cooking and laying down and napping constantly. He is amazing.  :x
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  • When I said that I'm fat he says that I'm supposed to be, and it's all baby. Also he doesn't comment when I eat a whole bag of chips in one day unless it's he likes the chips too. He knows how unhappy I am here in new mexico and arranged a plan to move in a month back to our home texas.
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  • Because he works so hard to support us and he comes home and picks up the slack with housework, cooking dinner, and still manages to be a great dad to our son and still make me feel beautiful every day! <3 he just tells he knows it's not permanent and he's happy to help and make my life a little easier. Oh and because he always let's me sleep a little longer on the weekends when he's not at work. How lucky am I?!
    Love this thread!
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  • Oh there are so many reasons. We have definitely become closer through all of this, especially with some big complications early on. It's all the little things. He does not want me to do too much around the house, he lets me sleep in, he insists on cooking me to healthy meals, and when I brought one of the size N diapers up to show him how tiny and cute it was, he got the biggest smile on his face which in turn melted my heart. Love that man.
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  • Because he tells me it's okay if I'm hungry at ten p.m. even after we have dinner. Because he lets me coo over the baby section in every store we walk through. Because he took care of all of our laundry this weekend. Because he scratches my back when it itches.
    So many reasons!

  • I love this thread!!

    My husband is amazing. He works harder than any other person I know and doesn't not complain when he gets home after a 13 hour day and there is no supper, the house is a mess, and the kids are wild. He just takes over. We are a team and right now I'm the weak team member. I'll take over when it is my turn to be strong! ❤️
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  • He is amazing for so many things! But most recently: on Friday in the middle of the night I decided it was a great time to online shop for a stroller. I regretted my colour choice the next morning and embarrassedly(I know this isn't a word :P) told him this. So he phoned the company this morning and asked them if they could send me this other colour instead. Let's hope I don't change my mind again :P
  • He brought home Popsicles and Whole Foods jelly beans yesterday. :) what can I say... It's the little things
  • He comes from home from his long shift and made me dinner. He always makes run to the stores to satisfy whatever weird craving I'm having. He and never complains when I ask him to do something for our son.
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  • He will go get me that burger if I'm hungry 2 hours after dinner, and wont complain about him missing out. He's a hard working man and a great provider. Keeps remining me that its fine that I'm exhausted, and always tries his best to make me feel good about myself. Pretty sure he'd literally do anything for me, such an amazing man  :x
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    Regardless of how annoyed he gets with me complaining and winning and never feeling comfy since getting pregnant he deals with me with a smile. Or smtn like it! He understands that I HAVE to eat when ever I say so or I'll get all barfy n dizzy!!!! Also because we have not had sex Ina week (pelvic rest) yes its not a long time BUT for him and I in the 6 1/2 yes we've been together thats the longest we have gone w.o any kind of anything and he's been so good at reminding me its for the health of the baby and me !!!! I haven't been so good about not complaining I've whined about it multiple times in many ways lolzz!!!

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  • Because he picks up the slack and takes care of our two year old when I lay down to "rest" and end up passing out cold for hours on end. I'm a light sleeper and pregnancy is the only time I pass out as soon as I lay down, so I'll take it.
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  • He's generally being more responsible for household stuff that I'd normally take care of. He also accepts my weird food habits, which have only gotten worse since I've been pregnant. It's really sinking in that this little one will be here soon enough and he's trying to be ready. :)
    I made him read the last few pages of Jenny McCarthy's book- basic advice for husbands/SO's- and he took it to heart.
  • He runs to the store for low sodium V8 (in the bottle and the can because, well you know, options) if we ever run out. He also makes sure to keep our house stocked with marinara, salsa, and other tomato-ey goodness. :) He's an amazing father to DD, and I can't wait to continue to build our family with him!
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  • My buddy has my back! When our families are over opinionated and I start to freak out he defends me...even when I'm wrong.
  • Because he has read all the baby books, reminds me to eat healthy and drink water, always calls me beautiful and pushes me to study when I don't want to! He's amazing!
  • My boyfriend buys or makes me every weird craving I'm having whenever I'm having them. He lets me be a total laze ball and when I yell and cry at him with all my irrational emotions he tells me he loves me.
  • Mr Fry works harder than anyone I know as a young business owner. Every morning and most nights lately he does most of our animal chores and I have caught him doing my house work. I just love him and he's my best friend.
  • He's always been a hard worker and helped with cleaning the house. He constantly reassures me that he doesn't mind doing the dishes or laundry or cleaning up the kitchen after I get enough energy to cook a real dinner while he's at work. He tries so hard to make sure any craving is satisfied. He keeps telling me I'm beautiful every time I complain about getting fat.
  • I love my husband because he threw out his back and was lying down after having to leave work early because of it... but then hear me doing dishes when I got home and somehow got up to do them for me so I could take my shower and relax. 

    I love my husband because even though I've been cooking only spicy (and I mean SPICY) food lately, he eats it all and says it's good. 

    I love my husband because he's been watching Million Dollar Matchmaker with me without complaint and even gets in on bashing the stupid ones and praising the geeky ones with me. 

    I love my husband because he went from being completely unprepared and, well, unhappy about this baby to getting genuinely upset if I go to a doctors appointment without him.

    I love my husband because he moved 3,500 miles away from everything he knew just so we didn't have to be separated when I went to college, and has stayed with me ever since. 
  • He sleeps with me on the couch when I can't get comfortable in bed.
  • My hubby is my best friend. He has been bringing me joy even though I have been a mess for the last 9 weeks. Every time he comes home, I'm usually laying on the couch in the fetal position with nausea. But he still gets a big smile on his face when he sees me and asks what he can get for me even though I'm the one that's home all day. I've been so nervous to tell everyone and he's been so excited that he can't keep it to himself. I just can't imagine going on this journey without him and his support and steady positive outlook.
  • He lets me eat all the crap I want and doesn't say anything to me about it and he let me sleep in on the weekends even though he's traveled most of the week and is tired himself.
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  • I love my husband for so many reasons too! most recently i love him because after i was puking all day at work yesterday i was so tired but didn't want to go to sleep without him.. so he went to bed at 8:30 with me even though i know he didn't want to. but he didnt complain :) 
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