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What does your eight month old eat?

Right now, my eight month old's feeding schedule is so:

4am - takes 4 oz formula
7am - 2 tbsp cereal + 2 tbsp fruit

10ish - 7 oz formula

12ish - 2 tbsp cereal + 2 tbsp veggie
1 ish - 7 oz formula

4ish - 7 oz formula

Dinner - 6 tbsp veg + 2 tbsp fruit OR 4 tbsp veg + 2 tbsp protein + 2 tbsp fruit ( hit or miss if he actually eats all of this)

Bedtime - 5 oz formula

Am I feeding too much formula? Should I increase his solids? How do I introduce finger foods? Do I still feed mashed foods with finger foods? Help!

Re: What does your eight month old eat?

  • My understanding is that food before one is just for fun. They should be getting most of their calories and nutrition from formula/breastmilk.
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  • I give my boy whatever I'm eating so long as there are no nuts or honey in it. He eats what he wants of it or plays/tosses it off the chair. Right now, he's getting most of his nutrition from BFing, so I'm not stressing about him not eating everything.
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  • Is your Pedi guiding you on what to give and when? They usually have a timeline for you to follow, what foods to give, how much, etc.

    PP is right, nutrition should come from BM or formula right now.

  • My pedi said that LO should get around 30-32 oz of formula until he turns 1, so that's what i've been going off of and that actually works for us. Every pedi i'm sure has a different opinion though, I don't know. We do 6 oz bottles 5 times a day roughly, as well as 2-3 oz of water throughout the day, and then 4-5 oz of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and some oatmeal at breakfast and dinner, he's allergic to rice cereal. He's satisfied with this schedule and amount so that works for me. 

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  • kat+1kat+1 member
    My some had 1/4 cup oatmeal and half an apple or pear or 5 cut up grapes or any other fruit for breakfast.
    Lunch is normally leftovers from dinners last night so chicken veg an potatoes rice or pasta.
    Dinner is normal what ever we have till he says all done in sign. He eats snacks during the day and has boob when he wants. He is 20 lbs and loves water and rice milk too. As I am BF I can't tell you how much Breastmilk he is getting but he does drink 4-6 oz of rice milk and 5 oz of water during the day.

    KEY IS... Is your baby happy? Or is he cranky? Crazy baby could mean he wants more food.
    Attached is a picture of my sons dinner from last night
  • Is your Pedi guiding you on what to give and when? They usually have a timeline for you to follow, what foods to give, how much, etc.

    PP is right, nutrition should come from BM or formula right now.

    Agree. We don't follow schedules, really. After all, I'm not hungry at set times all the time. I figure baby isn't either.

    At 8 months we did eggs, fruit (cubed up, but soft) & oatmeal for breakfast.

    Strips of chicken thigh, fish or tofu at lunch with salad or veggies.

    Dinner is a starch (potato cubes etc), meat & veggies.

    Basically whatever we ate baby got little cubes of it & if he ate it-- good. If not there is always booby.

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  • We overdid food by giving him whatever we were having and he started breaking out in rashes. I don't think they were related but it freaked me out enough to go back to one food for a week, recommended by the pedi too. Right now we're doing bananas. He'll eat 2-3 a day. Not sure what we'll start on next. Will be following this thread!
  • @Pinksundrops just a warning, banana 2-3 times a day can cause major constipation. My mom fed LO banana one time a day for 5 days straight and poor baby got so plugged up!
  • Does your baby still seem hungry?  

    My daughter is 7 months old and this is what works for us. 

    7am- 6oz bottle
    830-9ish- 2tbsp cereal with half a jar of fruit

    10am- 4-6oz bottle
    1130-12pm- Half a jar of veggies half a jar of fruit

    1pm- 4-6oz bottle

    4pm-4-6oz bottle

    5-530- If we are doing purees she will have a jar of veggies and about half a jar of fruit.  If we are doing solids we will do a few pieces of whatever veggie is for dinner that night.

    7pm- 6oz bottle and down for the night. 

    To introduce finger foods just remember that most of what you give him will probably not end up in his mouth!  You can try steamed veggies that are cooked until soft and then cut them in long strips so that your son can easily pick them up. I like to cut a banana in half and give her some that is exposed and she just goes to town sucking it out of the skin on her own.  You can also try avocado since it is naturally a soft food already.  They also make those little mesh food bags that you can put food in the baby can suck on to be introduced to other flavors not found in purees. There are a ton of blogs on finger foods! 

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  • We do roughly the same amount of formula in just fewer bottles. I shoot for about 28-32 ounces per kid (twins). The baby food, I let them decide how much they want. But I always feed them after a bottle. I usually give them solids 2x per day, after am bottle and after pm bottle and we just started giving them a little snack in the afternoon. I eat 4x per day so I am slowly working up to that with them so our schedules match up. I think it's funny how babies put everything under the sun in their mouths but when you give them finger food they have no idea what to do with it! You've been training for this!! Lol
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