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Extended breastfeeding and day care

Just curious what others' experiences have been with sending breastmilk to daycare after their LOs first birthday.

Re: Extended breastfeeding and day care

  • I'm still pumping for my son and plan on doing so until at least June. I'm a teacher and that's the end of the school year, it's become such a part of my routine I figured it's not inconvenient to keep going. The reason I was asking, my son is moving from the infant room at daycare to the toddler room. His new teacher hasn't ever had a baby that is still drinking breastmilk at school. To me it seems perfectly normal to be doing so. He won't be a year old for another two weeks. I don't really care what other parents think but was just curious what other people out there were doing or had seen in their own experience.
  • I am also a teacher and continued to send pumped milk until the end of the school year with my dd years ago. i would fill her sippy cup with pumped milk in the AM and I also left frozen in their freezer that the DC staff would thaw when needed. It was never a big deal to them or me. I hated pumping sooooo much but, like others, I did it for my DD's sake. God job, momma!
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  • Our daycare (YMCA) had no issue what-so-ever taking my breastmilk. They also had no issue dealing with cloth diapering. I didn't pump because I needed to, I pumped because I had to. I had such an oversupply issue that pumping or hand expressing was my only relief and I ended up donating hundreds of bags to HumanMilk4HumanBabies website. 
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