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When do you stop swaddling

My baby loves it still any is 13 weeks going on 14

Re: When do you stop swaddling

  • My baby loves it still and he is 13 going on 14 weeks
  • My daughter was swaddled till she could roll over, 4.5-5 months.  She couldn't sleep more than a few mins without it.  So far my baby boy is still swaddled at 9 weeks
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  • My son was swaddled until 6 months old. My daughter is now 9 weeks and she was swaddled until around 4 days old, she hated it. Take your baby's lead.
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  • I just switched my twins from a miracle swaddle to a zipadee zip because they kept breaking free and one can roll over- they are 13 weeks and the transition was pretty smooth.
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  • I just stopped swaddling last night at 12 weeks. I was shocked, but he slept fine.
  • Maybe until the newborn reflexes go away? So they don't startle themselves awake? I swaddle cause it helps her sleep all through the night. So that's solid.
  • My baby has been getting frustrated by the swaddle lately so someone suggested to to go a week with everything swaddled except one arm. Then the next week swaddle only the torso and legs and then after that swaddle nothing.
  • I stopped 3 months ago. Only swaddled for 2 weeks


  • I stopped swaddling when he was a month old because he seemed to not enjoy it as much. He started sleeping on his belly at 5 weeks and has slept through the night ever since. He's 15 weeks now.
  • We stopped at about 3 or 4 weeks. My LO hated being swaddled. He wants me to hold his hands all of the time. My baby boy is 11 weeks now.


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  • My son is 3.5 months and we still swaddle him. He's not a huge fan but has really liked the starfish swaddled. I'm reading that 6 months is the longest someone commented. What do you do to keep them warm when You stop swaddling? Just dress them in heaver clothes?
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