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Pregnancy brain

What's the dumbest thing you've done recently?

I drove my 2.5 year old to daycare this morning and completely forgot to buckle the harness of his carseat. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm sure that will never happen again!

Re: Pregnancy brain

  • I was doing my final for class, and missed the chapter completely. Was reading chapter 7, instead of chapter 8. I can't even believe it. Thanks God I'm done with classes today.
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  • I missed a red light today and had to slam on the breaks. Wouldn't have been so bad if the shakes on the floor of the front seat didn't go flying. = huge mess on the floor of my car and twice the $ for shakes today :((
  • For some reason I seem to be very forgetful lately... When I'm at work I constantly forget what I'm suppose to be doing wit my work right in front of my face... But my coworkers know I'm pregnant and they just laugh and say I have baby brain or the baby got me going through it lol
  • I wanted to know where my keys were on my way out the door this morning. They were in my hand.
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  • I put my phone in the fridge, lost my bf's car keys at one point. I was in the middle of saying something to him and stopped dead in the middle of my sentence and forgot everything I was going to say and had already said I actually cried and he tried so hard not to laugh,
    I forgot my kid was taking a nap and went looking everywhere in the house for her thinking she snuck outside and took off. It's been a long week, the list goes on..and on.. and on.
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    I didn't have a good story until two minutes ago. I'm sitting on my couch and I see one dog sitting on the floor. I started to actively wonder where my other dog was.

    He's laying on my foot. I'm so done.
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  • I put my keys in the freezer whilst packing my lunch and was late to work bc I couldn't find them.... I didn't even need anything for my lunch from the freezer.... Key twilight zone music
  • I took my 2 year old to MDO, came home to do some work only to pretty much stare at my computer and notebook and not write a single word. I accomplished nothing except peeing 15 times before I had to go pick her up.
  • Passed exits on the highway, not realizing it till I was at a completely opposite side of the city.
  • I deleted half my thumb drive at work today...
  • Forgot my glasses Wednesday...forgot my laptop and lunch today- sigh
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    Stared at the debit machine for a good 2 minutes cause I couldn't remember how to use it. Completely forgot whether to slide or insert my card.
  • Tried making a quesadilla earlier this week and went to check on it... couldn't figure out why it wasn't cooking. After looking at the diles on the stove and thinking I had turned the right one on... nope. Wrong burner was on.
  • Frantically searched everywhere for my purse, turns out it was already slung across me.
    I can't remember anything I'm supposed to do at work.
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one! I've done a bunch of stupid stuff lately..
    This morning I was making pancakes and after I measured out the mix I dumped in into the heated skilled (before adding water or stirring) I just had to laugh at myself
  • @nano1 Now I'm craving a quesadilla lol
  • I second the cross-body purse comment. I def spent 10 min this morning looking for my purse as it was slung across my back. My husband knew and allowed me to look for it. I don't know how he kept a straight face!
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  • Saw a hard candy on the floor, and thought, "Is that a Skittle? No, I don't know what it is, there's an E on it."

    Yeah, or a sideways M, because it was an M&M... -_-
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    I sat at a stop sign FOREVER waiting for it to turn green. (Yes, I said SIGN, not light) I felt like such an idiot when someone finally honked at me to go.
  • Had to check out three times at the grocery store because I kept forgetting important things (milk, etc) and kept having to go back into the store. Worst part: I had a list where I was checking things off. The cashier must have thought I was nuts.
  • I was going to have a microwavable molton chocolate cake last night. Got everything ready and turned on the microwave only to stand there for the entire minute looking at the cake on the counter and the microwave empty.
  • All I wanted was noodles chicken and cheese. I Cooked the noodles and had it simmering in sauce. Then I went to get the 4 year old ready for bed and turned instead of turning the stove off, I turned it on high.

    Sooooooo blown.
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